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  1. Thanks for the release mate looking at this now
  2. Thanks for the release bossman! Really grateful
  3. tsdm

    Full Novea Site

    Discord is invalid mate, Just tried to add you there
  4. Thanks again Oak, Having a look at a few of these the images etc should be public so we know which one to reply to
  5. Sorry to hear it got leaked mate, Good look on whatever you go on to do.
  6. Thanks for this release mate, Looking at running a small community server this will help loads.
  7. I'd like to join the discord mate, Thanks for the release I'd like to join the discord mate, Thanks for the release
  8. Thanks for the release mate! Looking forward to having a look.
  9. I checked and it said it bypasses the 20 posts and need to reply? I still cannot see downloads though?
  10. I've added you on discord Speak soon mate! look forward to possibly doing business
  11. tsdm

    OS-Royale release

    Think this is the one I wana use! Time to google how to make a gradle project lol.
  12. Wanting to see the media on this thanks
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