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  1. Welcome to Dragonstone - The best new 317 custom server! We a ton of content & ideas from OSRS, pre-eoc, and plenty of custom content addtions. Dragonstone offers many game modes, including Team Ironman (Groups of 4). Our raids are extremely fun and provide just enough challenge to keep players grinding for more. The custom bosses around Dragonstone are designed to give players the best experience possible. With a dedicated community including the staff team and developer constantly online waiting to interact with you and your friends. Come check out Dragonstone today and see what you're missing! Homepage Discord Features! - Custom Starter gear with a tier system - Consistent Updates - Raids 1 & 2 - Custom Bosses - Inferno - Skilling pets - Group Ironman - Unique Custom Items - Hardcore Ironman - Dedicated staff and developer - World Boss Spawns - Wilderness Bosses - Daily Discord giveaways - Custom minigames & raids - God Wars - Vorkath - Boss Pets - Alchemical hydra - Drakes & Wyrms - Crashed Star Events - Working Dwarf Multi Cannnon - Barrows - Wilderness Slayer - The Gauntlet minigame 100% as OSRS - Daily rewards Working Dwarf Multi Cannon World events including the crashed star! Unique active community Tons of OSRS & Custom pets Clue Scrolls with Steps More information & screenshots coming soon!
  2. Sweet release bud, will check it out. Sweet release bud, will check it out.
  3. Spaming will not be tolerated do not abuse the limited char system
  4. ree need to check this out thanks ree need to check this out thanks
  5. going to peep thankz for this brother
  6. I'm trying to get the Valius trading post working but can't seem to find the cause of this issue; It wont load any listing posted by any player. Not looking for a spoon feed just looking for some help identifying the issue https://gyazo.com/4046ed29d9de1b68e73a32031ed228f4 Removed code because code tags don't shrink
  7. Going to check this out hope link isnt dead!
  8. thanks for this m8 gonna check er out
  9. very nice going to check this out
  10. Spaming will not be tolerated do not abuse the limited char system
  11. Spaming will not be tolerated do not abuse the limited char system
  12. Tryna check this out and the rules are Spaming will not be tolerated do not abuse the limited char system
  13. Anyone know why this wont run as a .jar? Is it missing some libs?
  14. I've been running a small project with the Valius 2020 release and someone just logged in basically trying to extort me to tell me how he did a dupe. I told him I would be willing to pay so he then decided to try to dupe & share the gains within the server & I banned him. After a disucssion on discord with him just trying to give me the run-around for an OSRS gp payment I have no real information. I know he utilized the bank booth for the dupe, I believe it works with both stackables and unstackable items but I am unsure since I was only able to monitor him for a short time before having to ban the account. Does anyone know how to replicate the dupe or anything? Willing to pay for help with the issue or for the actual fix, Thanks! Edit; Upon further investigation of his player logs the player was also dropping the items he was duping.

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