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  1. OS-Fury - Leaked

    Alright, cheers.
  2. ruthlessps Release

    An interesting custom source, cheers.
  3. top-bar donate drop-down menu

    Looks like this thread was missed, still says 'RuneSoft Store' after a month of reporting it.
  4. Yeah I've noticed this, I've made a few posts and it's still stuck at 1. By the date of this thread, it doesn't look like it's getting fixed anytime soon unfortunately.
  5. discord tag in profile info

    Does the site owner not look at suggestions? This has been open for more than a month and it's such a small little thing that'll take like 30 seconds to add lol. Agreed.
  6. Ragefire

    This was being sold on another forum lol, cheers.
  7. Hall OF Shame

    This updated?
  8. I currently use SiteSpace for hosting, prices are pretty nice and so far I've had no problems with my VPS.
  9. New around here

    Sup everyone, new around here. Probably gonna stick around for awhile.