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    Website Service Development Team

    Appreciate it man but I have a super sweet deal with Zonode
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    Website Service Development Team

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    Runescape Themed HomePage

    Thanks for the contribution
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    Impact-RS - Leaked

    Thanks for the contribution
  5. Thanks for the contribution
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    Website Service Development Team

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    OS-Fury - Leaked

    thanks for contributing
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    Website Service Development Team

    We're both available for services
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    Zarpor - Leaked

    thanks for this
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    Website Service Development Team

    (Title is temporary) Our service primarily focuses on two of the most popular forum softwares out today; Xenforo and Invision Power Boards (IPB.) We provide a variety of resources that will contribute to giving your forum a professional and beautiful quality that our clients deserve. Our team dedicates hours of our day to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their forums. With over 100 vouches combined, our team provides only the most reputable forum service available to the community. Spoiler for Client Feedback(103 vouches) Gangsta Forum Developer / Security Advisor Jayson Forum Developer If there are any inquiries you'd like that are not listed, contact us and we will try, to the extent of our abilities, to fulfill your need. If we cannot do it, you will hear from us as soon as we are certain. - Invision Power Board Installation (Any Version) - Xenforo Installation - IPB Basic security - DDoS Protection - Hook installation (30+) - UserGroups, Titles, Ranks, Crowns, etc - Member Reputation system - Warning Point System - Skin Editing - Logo Creation - Skin installation (50+ in stock) - Basic Homepage - Spam Prevention - Application installation - Website Setup - Custom CSS - Full Forum Section/UserGroup Permissions - Member Shop For a FULL Forum Setup - depending on what you are asking is what WE will decide the cost. - IPB Skin Design : $100 - Basic Logo Design : $3 - Software Installation : $5 - Web-Server Migration : $20 - Plugins/Applications installation : $10 (Discord, Group Name Indicator, Group Color Formatting, Secondary Group Icons, Club Enhancements, Enhanced User Info Panel, Warning Logs, Change Author Panel, etc..) - Full Forums : $25-100 (Any IPS skins, skin design, hooks, plugins, applications, security, forum section/member permissions, member groups, spam prevention, custom css, warning point system, etc...) Read above the price list - Security Audit. : $5. (If we find vulnerabilities, the fix will cost extra.) We do not tolerate scammers, therefore, the price agreed upon must be paid through Friends and Family to prevent scamming. We mean no offense to our potential clients. This is to keep us safe. By sending us a request for services, you hereby acknowledge and accept our terms. - No progress will start until we are paid - No refunds will be available after payment - We are not responsible for the hacking of your site unless it is our fault for not securing it (you can pay for extra security) - We do not develop servers, please do not ask us about anything server related - If the payment that you had sent is refunded or cancelled without our authorization, you will be blacklisted and your site will be taken down - Our team holds the right to decline any potential client without reasoning - We hold the right to cancel any contract if payment hasn't been made - We hold the right to cancel any contract made and refund your money if we so choose to Gangsta Skype - atakk1 Discord - Squadbaby#1294 PM - [Hidden Content] Jayson Skype - soren.adams Discord - Jayson#8587 PM - [Hidden Content]
  11. Jayson

    IPB Forum Services

    Bump. Available for services.
  12. Jayson

    IPB Forum Services

    Available for services
  13. Jayson

    IPB Forum Services

    Available for services
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    Members Shop

    So my licensing had expired back in May and cba to renew just to get an application/plugin. The plugin I am looking for is called "Members Shop." It's actually the exact application/plugin as the one that our friend's here at RuneSuite have. You can find this app/plugin below [Hidden Content] I appreciate anyone who has a ripped version or know where one is. Not usually one to ask for something like this but as tedious as it is to go and buy a license when I wouldn't necessarily be using it for a forums, but rather applications and plugins or even themes would be.... I'll go with stupid. Thank you

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