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  1. Thank you for your contribution to the community! Keep them coming
  2. Thank you for your contribution to the community Keep them coming!
  3. Thank you for your contribution to the community!
  4. Pat

    PattyCakes Vouches

    Hello Runesuite members! For those of you who I have helped in the past if it has been: Successfully achieving what you have asked me to do. .Successfully showing you how to do something that you have tried to achieve giving you a clear demonstration. Successfully explaining something to you helping you understand in depth on how something would work. If I have not managed to help you then once again I am sorry for that, I have always been straight with everyone on what I know and can do. What I don't know and cannot do I try to learn and improve on. Remember to leave a vouch for me if you fit any of these things above 🙂 Have a nice day.
  5. 100 Percent vouch for @Bananastreet! He has always helped me when I have needed working his ass off to fix issues whilst teaching me a few tricks in the process. There should be a rank made just for @Bananastreet due to his loyalty and commitment to Runesuite and its members 😉
  6. Hello everyone My name is Patrick and I am 27 years of age. I started truly playing RSPS in 2016 but only played here and there before hand, from 2016 I started to pick up on how a private server works and wanted to create my own. I found a few packages floating around and tried to see what I could do with them, I realised I was not coding and that I was actually leeching someone else's work. I wanted to do more than just leech so I decided to find some people that could help me with what I needed to know. That is when I met some of the best Java developers there is out there and this one in particular has helped me with everything I needed to know, although I am not great with Java and will be learning for a very long time, I now know enough to get me out of the leech zone. I wanted to create something special but had a team that just give up. I lost my motivation and went away from the RSPS scene for a while. I am now back trying to make my mark in the scene again but with a different approach, I have partnered up with one of the best Java developers there is going and we are looking to create something never seen before. We are going to be spending a lot of time working towards putting ideas into content and seeing how it fits. We will be posting snippets and update logs as time goes on and only be releasing the client when fully satisfied that we have everything in place that is suitable for a community to play. Thank you for reading my introduction that I scrambled together effortlessly but actually says something other than just a simple hi. @Pat
  7. Thank you for sharing your contribution with the community! We appreciate you chipping in for others Keep up the good work.
  8. Thank you for sharing with the community! We appreciate you
  9. Download Package Cache Features List: 317 loading osrs data Economy 24 working skills 30+ bosses with pets PK system with killstreaks 80+ Achievements Free for all tournament Cape particles Gambling Player owned shop Custom interfaces Trivia points system WildyWyrm Boss Event Revenant town Clue scrolls Crystal keys Wilderness keys Shooting star Evil tree Bank tabs Money pouch Edgeville home Resizable mode Zoom-able client Shift dropping Raids 1 & 2 items Much more... Things you'll need to do before hosting, although it's pretty much good to go for the most part: Update logs Media
  10. Pat


    When posting an introduction please share more information.
  11. The best way to get a well earned post count of 20 in my eyes is to actually go through this website and read what people have to say. Reply with more than just a simple welcome or ty ect... Actually bother to show an interest and you will have your post count in no time at all. There is a long list of 317 downloads in this forum Base- Ruse Project insanity Vencillio Apollo Elvarg Hyperion Blurs Delta Find a base that suits you. I would personally suggest Elvarg but it is as clean as they come and you may not like how much work will need to be done to make it into a host ready server. Also this is the introduction section. Please introduce your self here.
  12. Congratulations my dude, welcome to the team!
  13. Pat


    Welcome to Runesuite Jon, We appreciate you joining this website to promote your Private server! Have a look around as there are plenty of useful tools to chose from to use for helping the development of your server.
  14. Pat


    @fakts Thank you my buddy

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