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  1. You are welcome, good luck
  2. if you have an issue packing a sprite let me know and I will try to guide you 😉
  3. It is really bad mate don't even I might write a launcher soon and release it.
  4. Yes another leak that I have decompiled and tested. From what I could see once decompiled the launcher is the kingfox launcher that plays radioactive by piano.. I wouldn't personally use this but meh you can if you want.. No media as I cannot insert for some reason. Click to download Before you start flaming me for this release.. All I done was decompile the launcher, make the code look more readable than it was and archive/upload for you to download..
  5. Eyy good man! Think you can dump the latest in 317 format and possibly give out the xteas?
  6. This isn't the proper way this should be done.
  7. I am not much into Rs3 dude, on the other hand good job
  8. When you purchase Rspsi, you can request a custom plugin which will be for your own cache. Other than that good luck finding someone who will write a custom plugin..
  9. Why not describe accurately. If you wish to have models dumped from one cache to be packed into your cache then let you know.. The models you are used to packing are in 317 format but can be easily converted to suit your clients needs.
  10. If you wanna say bye bye to all of your passwords saved to chrome then by all means run this server and client.
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