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  1. never heard of it but wonder what it is thanks for sharing
  2. Bought this many years ago the bots are done really well the server is like ardi v2 with eliminates v2 i think R-s topic [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content]
  3. Not alot of copies of this were sold i found it in my old dropbox, Has basic pking bots will relase a pi in a lil aswell Server: [Hidden Content] Server.rar?dl=1 Client: [Hidden Content] Server.rar?dl=1 cache: [Hidden Content]
  4. sweet not gonna lie thanks for sharing
  5. yeee other ones didnt work hope this one does
  6. thanks i got donator to see if this is any good
  7. hAVE been wondering abou his so many people been buying i
  8. I'm not sure if it ever got released before but the ruse v1 client is the same as gabbe used for desolace before.. It is not the fastest file-server out there but maybe somebody can benefit from it. i don't really know what to post as media but i saw it was an requirement so + virustotal link: [Hidden Content] i put in the original ruse cache inside it since desolace is very outdated but you can replace it with your own. [Hidden Content]
  9. This seems quite interesting gonna check it out thanks
  10. i tought ihad this saved is this a different topic then og arrav posted here?
  11. awesome thanks for sharing going to check it out
  12. Thanks is this is a newer version then the one that got leaked before?

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