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  1. checking it out for practising switches ty
  2. thanks dad need this for the definition editors
  3. Gonna look at combat on this, ty :P
  4. thanks, had this on USB that I lost last night lol
  5. Idek what this is, may aswell peak
  6. Checkmeowt bought this from his old dev, claimed it was his and re-sold and went bragging to people about his skill for it. You can see a preview on it here: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] For those interested in why I'm releasing here you go: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy fucknuts, the original owner was gonna release it on rune-server anyway. Literally the only good thing this guy had so tata to that :D
  7. test whats this, would be nice to know whats been done but will check it anyway
  8. whats this, would be nice to know whats been done but will check it anyway

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