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  1. I've had a good look and it's gonna be a pay for it or build it yourself situation fella
  2. ty jack seeing wat this even has
  3. Building collection of tools, so ty if there's anything here i ain't got
  4. adding too collection thank fella
  5. ripping a few things ty logan
  6. Getting a few things from here thankyou
  7. Exact reason it's here now, if people weren't so retarded this wouldn't happen
  8. Another update! If a player is online upon donating, they will automatically claim their donation!
  9. Cba getting details, look it up on youtube if your interested Only leaking since retards keep tryna sell it for dumb prices [Hidden Content]
  10. Update: Finished the following: No refresh when: Removing item from cart Resetting Cart Selecting Category Applying coupon includes a new spinner when loading products
  11. No you're not getting spoonfed here, if you want to be spoonfed you can pay someone to spoonfeed
  12. Then you will need to use google and find it, you'll find mvnrepository.com the best site to use to find libraries
  13. Updates: You can now search for items and add items too your cart without having too refresh the page! Will be applying this concept too the following: Removing item from cart Resetting Cart Selecting Category Applying coupon
  14. You are missing a library..
  15. No you cannot just use these plugins, they are made in accordance too the runelite api.. You can implement runelite/a replicated alternative such as OpenOSRS with a deob and use the plugins, however they will not work for anything else. You'll need to create your own plugins to fit your client

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