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    Update: Payment Methods Added: Skrill Stripe OSRS Functions Added: User ranks/permissions Coupon edit/add/delete page in CP Limited Items(E.G An item can be bought 10 times, once it's gone, it's gone) Performance Increase - Averaging anywhere from 80-95 on lighthouse report in performance Product creation page: When selecting an image, it will now appear instantly on the page so you can preview what you are adding Upon purchase: A discord webhook message is sent with details and for your logging purchases & more I cba to add OSRS Donations: Sends a discord webhook message letting you know who wants to donate and how much they wish to donate.
  2. A Null


    a lot of ppl say the client was never on original dl so will check that now ty
  3. Check the app store bro, many apps for u
  4. just here to see wtf this is, aka the adv thread lols ty for leak anyway
  5. If you're happy to sign a contract guaranteeing me $70k within 6 months, sure.
  6. A lot of custom ruse servers use the data/raw + itemdef/npcdef/objectdef in the client to add in new items, the proper way to do this is pack everything in the cache Models go in index 1 of the cache, there are various tools about that will allow you to edit definitions.. If you don't want to do this, you'll need to set-up a file-server
  7. deleted original version so grabbing, ty jack
  8. Depends on your goal, if you want a decent looking server go with 718(don't expect many players) if you want money go with 317
  9. I agree that this guy and his server are dog shit, but what kinda logic is it to advertise their fuckin server if you don't like them..
  10. TaskManager.submit(new Task(5) { public void run() { player.getPacketSender().sendString(111, "This will refresh every 5 game ticks"); } });
  11. Price is $200, this comes with all future updates on the plugin system What does this allow? This allows for you to manually start/stop externally loaded plugins. This gives you the ability to disable pieces of content, fix/update them, and re-enable them without having to restart the server. This can also be useful for events + just makes it overall easier to manage specific content. Please note that this does not come with support, it is simply implemented with a test plugin. Here are a few examples on what you can do: - bank command plugin example - spawn npcs and make them usable(for example to open a shop), despawn upon plugin disable Example of a bank plugin code: @Extension @Slf4j public class TestPlugin extends ServerPlugin { @Override public void on_input(Player player, String[] input) { if(input[0].equalsIgnoreCase("bank")) { if (player.getUsergroup().isSetting("developer")) { player.getBank().open(); } } } } Put questions below and I will answer them, to purchase hit me up on discord @ ADAM #0117
  12. A Null

    Vorkath #191

    Only getting the client, ty for the release tho hoax
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