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  1. lols, they deserve it but nice release stuart
  2. Update: Payment Methods Added: Skrill Stripe OSRS Functions Added: User ranks/permissions Coupon edit/add/delete page in CP Limited Items(E.G An item can be bought 10 times, once it's gone, it's gone) Performance Increase - Averaging anywhere from 80-95 on lighthouse report in performance Product creation page: When selecting an image, it will now appear instantly on the page so you can preview what you are adding Upon purchase: A discord webhook message is sent with details and for your logging
  3. Someone sent me a link and asked me to put it here so I did, I ain't even downloaded it myself lmfao
  4. Dunno much about it, was just sent link and asked to post so here u go [Hidden Content] RSPS.zip?dl=0
  5. a lot of ppl say the client was never on original dl so will check that now ty
  6. just being nosey ty for release fella
  7. A lot of ruse sources also hold the open widget as a player variable for certain things, you should be sending a packet too the server to let the server know the player has closed said interface.
  8. Check the app store bro, many apps for u
  9. just here to see wtf this is, aka the adv thread lols ty for leak anyway
  10. A Null


    Wtf why would you need a bank tab tool?
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