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  1. Had this laying around and would love to see it be put to use. Has a fair bit of nice content. Media: ( Server Project Thread ) https://www.mob-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/projects/694745-mount-olympus-return-gods.html Download: https://mega.nz/file/uBNi0LIR#ypWp0L5uYZia_XRf9UdCJHgpDMpP_ouH5UQnXIRwoNI No i won't help with this source/client. Goodluck Leechers
  2. ehhh seems a bit fishy to me
  3. Teddy


    nice base could possibly use this.
  4. nice looking base to use! might be able to use for my project
  5. thanks for the realease, could be handy
  6. Vouch ++ for Arcus / Kyan. Server is great, and he's a very dedicated developer!
  7. might use this for my upcoming project
  8. lloks nice, stupid spam things so annoying xxx
  9. Not fishy nor bullshit. $500k a year, 41.5k a month. isn't really impossibly nor unachievable. Its dedication and advertisement. Hence i'm asking for a good developer because if you where a good developer you'd know that its possible if you have marketing skills and good graphic design skills. I owned a 667 and did the dev myself before i even knew what java coding was properly. and even with no experience and no vps i earned $6000 a month and hosted the server from. my own pc for 8 months. i had a turnover of $56k - $6k to advertisements and other important stuff i needed at the time. having
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