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  1. Some of what's to come in tomorrows update:
  2. Bump, HUGE update coming in tomorrow. Be sure to jump on so you don't miss it!
  3. ruthlessps Release

    Funny you call it shitty but lets see something better you have created?
  4. Sorry no time to add media for the update, just check it out in-game guys! Update log 11/23/2017: ::train command teles you to luigis again. bank pet is now 250k ruthless points bullets were added for each gun, you can only use the guns bullets with the correct gun ex. ak47 bullets can only be used with the ak47, if you try to use them with any other gun it will not work. bullet boxes have been added to the buy customs & donation store 1k runes box added to the runes store (opening one of these boxes gives you 1k of each rune there is). all bullets have been added to the ammunation & zombie store donations store is currently half off for a thanksgiving sale this will end on 12/1/2017. all npcs now drops more coins and some bucks. fixed some broken links fixed iron man mode not being able to pick up items. customizable cape added to the buy customs store for 12.5t. also this cape was buffed and is now a bit better than the bloodshot wings. cash mystery box added to the donation points store announcements added double exp enabled until sunday! 1 ruthless buck added to ironman start kit.
  5. ruthlessps Release

    "lol what server did you made" "so dont get angry on my LOL" Just shows your level of intelligence. RuthlessPS is my server if you didn't catch the hint, wouldn't expect a retard to catch anything.
  6. Oh you want an intro?

    Why would I be here for any leaks? I can actually create anything I want myself. I run a custom server "custom" meaning I don't want what others have I want one of a kind unique things, else it isn't custom.
  7. ruthlessps Release

    Hey everyone lets credit someone for releasing someone elses work because we don't have the knowledge to create anything our selves.
  8. Oh you want an intro?

    I am the owner of ruthlessps, pretty sad the owner of this forums gives props to another that stole and released someones work. Imagine putting tons of money out of your own pocket into something not to mention 1000s of hours of your own work into something then someone just comes and steals it, just proves they can't do anything on their own.