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  1. Might as well jus pop it....

    Song got me hooked for some reason, figured I'd share and let others in on it, might not be everyone's taste, but them dance moves are pretty legit.
  2. Grabbing for nostalgic purposes as that was the last server I worked on.
  3. Runite - Released

    Looks promising, thanks 4 the sauce.
  4. Welcome to RuneSuite

    Totally understandable. Good call, lawsuits suck and always take forever depending on the case. Thanks for the update, twas destiny for me to find it last night then lol.
  5. Ello there

    Sadly Sativah passed away earlier this year =/ I've been through MOST of it, not all of it, was more of lurker on rune-server than anything else tbh. I'm trying to relink up with everyone, and just kinda got a weird nostalgia kick today, that ultimately ended up with me scouring google and eventually coming back here, which I thought was weird as hell because last I knew the site was no longer in use. But yeah, it's deff me, trying to get my skype back atm so I can prove it to nmopal lol.
  6. Ello there

    Hey everyone, names slain/~slain~/k3r0z1n if this is truly the old runesoft site glad its back and glad I stumbled upon it again, if it's not, my bad, totally thought it was a diff site, but looking forward to seeing how rsps have progressed since the old days.