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  1. Zenyte is a pure OSRS private server currently targeting revision #156. Here at Zenyte, we will never jeopardize the quality of your content to cut corners. Zenyte has been developed from the ground up to build a stable and extensive framework that will allow us to properly implement an unrivaled amount of OSRS's features; as developers, we pay attention to details. We know that RSPS veterans are looking for an accurate, sustainable emulation of OSRS's economy and gameplay. As players ourselves, we know the value of the grind that comes with competing to hold the top spot. Zenyte will feature unique methods for community integration that will foster competition, allowing new players to have an equal chance to earn their glory against veterans. Noele - Security; website and content developer Node - Community manager Kris - Core and content developer Tommeh - Core and content developer Our progress will be posted in a runeleak friendly format soon More media will be added soon. Don't forget to join our discord to keep up with the latest updates and news. Our discord community is already 50+ strong and we're regularly involved and talking with members. You guys are the reason we do all of this
  2. The entire thread is copied and pasted [Hidden Content] This coming from the same person who said "those free SSL certificates have a lot of vulnerabilities"
  3. OSRS Map Editor

    Thanks but did Mige want this released?
  4. Hello

    I've decided to register on here to reach more of the RSPS community. I've long been running successful RSPS projects such as Ataraxia, with two servers in development right now. My primary hobbies are infosec and general development. As of late I've spent most of my time doing full-stack web development and writing content for my OSRS project.