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  1. Someone asked me about this recently, I still sell the copies for 30$ each to anyone possibly interested at this point.. As I discovered only 1 person genuinely hosted it and the rest liked to take some content out I also sell for 25 Euro Steam Gift cards, paypal is only F&F. This will be my last bump for this, Also updated my discord info! I no longer have nitro so.. ID is scrambled again. Thank you,. media is on the old project thread I am, all stated in the post
  2. Is this the real thing? Why are there not a gazillion leeches of it then?
  3. Just waiting for the stream of "Help me fix/run this please" messages... Just waiting for the stream of "Help me fix/run this please" messages...
  4. And only to think that this is the first Simplicity I see that is not torvascape
  5. Nice release man, a lot of people will use this for sure.
  6. Hiya, sorry but my Discord got updated as I no longer have Nitro... forgot to update! New Discord = Tutus Frutus#8386, verify UID and Runesuite or Rune-server account looking forward to your message.
  7. Hey there lads, Kinda wondering if anyone has the projectile id's and/or GFX id's (where applicable) for either of those NPC's: - Cave Kraken - Waterfiend - The Nightmare (Boss) - Verzik Vitur (ToB Boss) - The Maiden of Sugadinti (ToB Boss) - Pestilent Bloat (ToB Boss) - Nylocas Vasilias (ToB Boss) - Sotetseg (ToB Boss) - Xarpus (ToB Boss) - Galvek (Dragon Slayer 2 Boss) Any of these would help me out a lot if no one is willing to share I understand, then I'll have to buy an osrs account or smt to dump them.. Sharing would be nice Thanks
  8. Selling 4 copies for 30$ each! Cheap content rip!
  9. This used to be the runesuite theme of the month hehe
  10. .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,
  11. C T again... that guy really doesn't know what he wants.
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