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  1. Had to dump this for a service, might as well share with the rest [Hidden Content] For most 317's 2h animations will break... and the Spec Bar will look weird, repack these 2 and it'll be working fine again: [Hidden Content] White tree tops? Texture issues? Here are all 60 textures correct: [Hidden Content] Enjoy Credits to Polar && runestats for the XTeas required to dump the maps. Credits to RSPSi for his updated released version of OSDC
  2. PayPal & Bitcoin changed to PayPal & OSRS GP.
  3. Can now pay me in Bitcoin and PayPal!
  4. Design? Dafuq? Welcome anyways
  5. Nothing special, whoever buys is clearly incapable of running an RSPS. Good luck with sales.
  6. No media, live version @Innova (not sure if they even changed this) Maps made by its.teewhy, all paid for... I hold every single right to these. John (current owner of Innova) scammed me in our old partnership as he saw $$$.. Therefor these no longer have use. [Hidden Content] Donator Zones.rar?dl=0
  7. Tbh best of spending that 150$ on a dev & models on any of the currently released bases... so many customs recently got into the public.
  8. Another Country tune, catchy car tunes :C
  9. Dave Fenley - Come To Think About It Recently intro Country, love it :C
  10. Well, as the "strongmuffin" guy removed his initial tool and then went on to sell an "updated" version I decided to go ahead and release that same "updated" version. Not sure till what revision it packs/converts to 317 format... probably 170 or something. Info: Dumps Item defs (obj) to 317 format Dumps Npc defs (npc) to 317 format Dumps Object defs (loc) to 317 format Dumps Animation defs (seq) to 317 format Dumps Graphic defs (spotanim) to 317 format Dumps Varbit defs (varbit) to 317 format Dumps Floor defs (obj) to Poesy700's format (he combined both flo.dat and flo.idx into flo.dat) Dumps IdentityKit (idk) definitions into 317 format Dump Models into 317 format (gzipped all ready to be packed) Dump Animations into 317 format (this was a fun challenge, but finally got it all gzipped ready to go) Dump Midis into 317 format (gzipped and ready to go) Dump Maps into 317 format (gzipped and ready to go, you need to load your XTEAs for this) Dump Sprites Dump Map Image Media of v1 (nothing changed apart from title afaik) Download URL: [Hidden Content] Enjoy lads
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