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  1. Gallery: [Hidden Content] Since runesuite image inserting is terrible atm
  2. stewie( mod apk)

    Would highly recommend NOT hiring this lad... - Kicked me from groups on runesoft after I decided not to purchase his 718/RS3 client - No patience - Low-tempered, gets upset very quickly over the smallest of things Some more but wouldn't shout these out loud.. Besides that, good luck on app
  3. [317] Kronos Release + Deob

    Heyo lads, this source was "given" to me by CamelCrusher from rune-server after I bought Vernox and it turned out to be an unstable fucked up version back in the days... found it on my old dropbox and decided to share... as nobody uses this copy anymore and it is pointless to just leave for dust.. Might be worth ripping stuff off, has quite some content. (Not providing media as it's using Gradle Integration and I am not bothered to set it up again, can guarantee that it works if done correctly) Link: [Hidden Content] Package (1).rar?dl=0 Virustotal (for ye cheeky nando's out there): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy
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  11. Impact-RS - Leaked

  12. Centauri- Released

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