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  1. Welcome to RuneSuite

    Thanks for the honest info. Nice choice of new name also
  2. Not a whole lot to show as far as visual progress goes - most of the time has been spent creating the code infrastructure required to not only support multiple worlds, but also support session authentication between the login server and worlds. The login server and world servers both connect to a "session server", which contains details about the world list, and which players are logged into which worlds (which will be used in the future for the friends list, cross-world private messaging, and clan chats). The idea behind this is to make it easier to scale out if needed, and move servers to different machines without any need for overhaul in codebase. The upcoming updates will primarily consist of updates to the world server, so stay tuned for progress on player updating!Anyway, some pictures:
  3. Avalon - 317 Oldschool Economy

    Looks nice best of luck. I would like to say your advertising post needs beefing up. You mention that you have all the OSRS content such as raids, zulrah etc.. Why not show those off in pictures, people on the whole respond much better to media than they do to words.
  4. Zaros - Released

    Not liking these sneaky hidden comment sections.. But thanks.
  5. Not sure if you picked up on the section this thread has been posted but its the "Project" section. That of course will not be there when the server is released. It's supposed to be cool and funny, not professional - as you might say. Thanks for the feedback though, Very constructive/helpful
  6. Thanks both Edit - Updated thread today with new login screen. In preparation for creating a new login block for the lobby and adding 2fa, we decided to re-do the login screen based on our lobby's design. Along with new logout/Exit to lobby button.
  7. Hello!

    Here to speak about a new project I am part of that should get the RSPS community excited.