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  1. Hey, have you got Skype by any chance?


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    2. Life


      Which version of vernox, all of my revisions were named vernox. The 530 version of Vernox? No, but I can sell it.

    3. Moey


      How much are you willing to sell it for?
      (Does it come with the cache, interface and map editor)?

    4. Moey


      Hey, I'm still awaiting response xD

  2. VernoxHD - Released

    Thank you
  3. Zaros - Released

    Is there a reason to why the tabs disappear every now and then? I have a feeling the configs aren't set properly.
  4. Impact-RS - Leaked

    Thanks for the Release
  5. Arios 498 & 530 Developer Release

    Does this have the mySQL files by any chance?
  6. Sup

    Hey peeps, My name is Moey and I've been into RSPS since 2010 but it's been on and off for me since 2 years ago. Nice to meet you.