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  1. Show some love and I will do the same
  2. If you are looking for cheap and affordable YouTube services, then thread is the place for you! My channel is called "FPK MERK", you can find it by clicking on that link ↓ [Hidden Content] ◈Servers I've worked with◈ ✮Near-Reality✮ ✮Edgeville✮ ✮Scape-War✮ ✮Alora✮ ✮Rigour PS✮ ✮Rs-Genesis✮ ✮Aganoth✮ ✮EliteScape✮ ✮FuriousPK✮ ✮Moparscape✮ ✮Lozzcity✮ ✮Abyssal-scape✮ ✮RedemptionPK✮ ✮Simplicity✮ ✮Os-War✮ ✮SlashScape✮ ✮LocoPK✮ ✮RuthlessPS✮ ✮Serenity ✮Runeworld✮ ✮OS-Base✮ ✮Glory667✮ ✮Os-Frantic✮ ✮Exotica-PS✮ ✮PKOwnage✮ ◈Pricing◈ Payment methods - OSRS gp - PayPal ◈Normal video (staking, minigames, pking, box opening, server tour) 15m OSRS / $15 PayPal only ◈Reupload (uploading your server promotional video for example to my channel) 10m / $10 PayPal ◈Giveaway (server owner will fund the giveaway) extra +2.5m additional price to normal video / $2.5 PayPal If you are interested, add my skype: "karel3269", or pm me through forums. (I would prefer skype).
  3. [Hidden Content] Show some love please, as its my first post in this forum! :3
  4. Fpk Merk

    Hey guys!

    Shortly, I am RSPS YouTuber with nearly 700 subscribers. Go check out my channel [Hidden Content] Kind regards, - FPK MERK
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