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  1. Woww, nice release. Thxx
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    Photoshop PS6

    thanks you so much
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    Thanks for release
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    Love you

    "I love you. I love me. I'm love"
  5. - Carlos Drummond > Portuguese A língua lambeA língua lambe as pétalas vermelhasda rosa pluriaberta; a língua lavracerto oculto botão, e vai tecendolépidas variações de leves ritmos.E lambe, lambilonga, lambilenta,a licorina gruta cabeluda,e, quanto mais lambente, mais ativa,atinge o céu do céu, entre gemidos,entre gritos, balidos e rugidosde leões na floresta, enfurecidos. ----> Inglish The tongue licksThe tongue licks the red petalsof the multi-opened rose; the tongue tapscertain hidden button, and weavingLepid variations of slight rhythms.And lick, lambilonga, lambilenta,the licorina grotto hairy,and, the more lambente, more active,reaches the sky from the sky, between groans,between screams, bleats and roarsof lions in the forest, enraged.
  6. Anyone have 823 model dump ?
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