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  1. New Forum Theme!

    very pro, I like it.
  2. Zivas 60$ Sale Model Released

    nice thanks
  3. SCAPEHD Released

    checking this out ..thanks man
  4. [RELEASE] Tekton - Never Ending Content

    Thanks for the good stuff.
  5. 718 Sicyon

    Sicyon ..."making fun out of thin air".. Be prepared [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR STAFF! Come join the fun - Click the picture to join our discord channel[/center] [Hidden Content] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the official Sicyon Features: Ironman mode 4 modes - choose your skilling level Prestige - up to 5 times A custom- introduction. Fully working slayer, including slayer rewards special attacks and fixed special attack percentages. latest kills board. Alchemy Skiller and Clan-friendly Training Areas Fairy Rings Max cape, Veteran's cape, Classic cape, Completionist's cape Superheat Crystal key + chest Custom titles Enchanting Tanning Quick Starters Jewelry smithing Custom title colors Resource Dungeons Distractions and diversions Quests All skills working Events NPC Drops lookup Bank pins Minigames Bosses and so much more.. packed with content. Media: Discord : Join the Discord conversation group! Click the link below! Discord Details: Sicyon is a 667 loading 718 using [718]base by Arhams 4, We offer playability, strong Economy,active community, massive content, Friendly staff with a professional attitude. Sicyon a blend of medieval and Roman era to make YOU feel like a 'Sicyon. The Sicyon team is dedicated to its players enjoyment. Sicyon - History.. Sicyon was a city built on a low triangular plateau about two miles from the Corinthian Gulf near Rome Between the city and its port lay a fertile plain with olive groves and orchards.In 369 BC Sicyon was captured and garrisoned by the Thebans in their successful attack on the Peloponnesian League. From 368 to 366 BC Sicyon was ruled by Euphron who first favoured democracy, but then made himself tyrant. Euphron was killed in Thebes by a group af Sicyonian aristocrats, but his compatriots buried him in his home town and continued to honour him like the second founder of the city. Play-ability & Content Sicyon is designed with*access to playable content all in one place, the Fairy Ring transportation system! Content includes minigames, skills, and specs that are needed, crucial to your style of gameplay..The server has the content from Matrix. Fight Caves and Pest Control. Active Community Our prime concern is our community, we want to ensure the server is interactive, for that playable feel. A quote from Arhams 4: "I swear to you, when I was walking down from Taverley to Edgeville, I found things that I forgot I even programmed in pop out of nowhere.". The Little Things matter to us.We strive to count the little things meaning when you are in dire need, and have no food around, you can click on some sort of field and not worry about that terrifying message, "Nothing interesting happens." Freedom Unlike the real Sicyon, freedom of choice is in this new Sicyon, with only little exceptions (such as the tool belt). A skiller without having the fear of having, being forced to, kill something . You can be a PvM person without having the requirement to kill a fellow Sicyon, but instead fight alongside them. You can PvP*without having a non-playable character getting in your way for your dream of PvP. You can choose, we don't care! Conclusion I thank you for reading, the Sicyon team thanks you. Updates new Player commands added added bank pin for extra security - you can enter up to 6 digits Auto Clickers and Talkers - Are allowed must be set to slow (10 seconds) or server will auto kick you spaming buttons - will now log you out to avoid server lag HungerGames - now being worked on(done) Pest invasion - being worked on(done) Flower Game. - being worked on(done) Extreme donators - can now use bank command donator zone - access by using lunar lodestone Slayer spawns - have been added Updated Donation shop - New items and prices have now been added Vote - you can now choose your reward after voting Ring of kinship added Party Demon event Added.. Ape A-Toll Agility Course Added Bounty Hunter Wildy Agility Course Monkey greegree Dungeoneering add wildy bossing construction slayer vote shop donaors shop and skilling area soulwars wildywyrm bone burying Duel Anywhere/potions/food/bandages - patched shops NPC - easy access dungeoneering party - coop runespan siphon and dialouges Shooting star Eviltree Random events Server Wars Grim Reaper / Hunger games Specialty shops Game modes - 4 in total w/individual starters Rise of six minigame Frost Dragons wilderness skilling will be adding more daily.. Update media Click the spoiler to view... [SPOIL]Dashboard added Lottery System added Bounty Hunte3r system added Teleport Managenent NPC added Shooting Star Added Hunger Games NPC added Tutorial Start NPC added Party Demon Event Star Sprite and stardust from shooting star [ More to come.... Credits : Sicyon team Arhams 4 Matrix Team EverythingRS if I missed anyone send me a pm and i will add you. All ® trademarks are the property of their respective owners., This site is in no way affiliated with Jagex or Runescape. This is for educational purpose only
  6. My introduction

    Hi , old rsps player / developer here, looking forward to meeting a few of you here. Hit me up