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  1. OsWorld Release (LATEST)

    kewl beanz
  2. OSRS Map Editor

    Nice release.
  3. Jami1

    Welcome, just don't ruin your child hood.
  4. Hi

  5. Voodoo

  6. Hi

    Yeah, I'm more familiar with you as Sneeze.
  7. Hi

    Sure do, you were(I believe) in the lead on hiscores on a previous version of hydrascape in 2013 or so if I recall. I believe we pk'd together a few times before I became a developer
  8. Hi

    Hi, I originally came from the original rune soft yeaaars back, also a member at rune-server since 2006 or so. Ex-developer for hydrascape(if that even exists anymore...) with Danny(Gander). Not really much to say, just intrigued to see this back up. (y)