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  1. What's Vortex ? Thanks for stopping by Vortex’ advertisement thread. Vortex is an 317-based server, loading data revision #525. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, yet challenging experience for players while maintaining a stable economy for both skillers and pvp'ers. We offer three game modes; normal, ironman and Hardcore Ironman, as well as various monsters, bosses, mini-games, and skilling areas. Vortex is a kind and welcoming community, maintained by determined owners and staff members. We welcome feedback and suggestions for any improvements that can be made and with these approaches, we believe that our community will only increase. Join Vortex ! Some interfaces Videos of the server [video=youtube;8HN_H2xS_Lc][Hidden Content]] [SPOILER=Media] [/SPOILER] Thread is under construction ! :)
  2. Gangsta

    Website Service Development Team

    Jayson and I are both available for services
  3. Gangsta

    Aggroth V4 Release

    More than decent, Thanks for the release man (:
  4. I've worked with RawHost past, few days. (: Definitly a place to go , if you need a cheap, efficent, and reliable host. Vouch for my boys, Laurence and Luq.
  5. Gangsta

    Hey it's me Gangsta. (:

    Ayy, I'm Gangsta. Also known as Gang Gang atm, some of you may know me. I'm a 20 year old student from France, I'm studying computer Security, my goal is to be Security engineer. I'm also Freelance WebDev since 2013. (= My hobbies, are StreetWorkout, Finding Vulns where I can , and obviously making cool website. Nice to meet you , all Gangsta

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