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  1. Website Service Development Team

    Jayson and I are both available for services
  2. Aggroth V4 Release

    More than decent, Thanks for the release man (:
  3. I've worked with RawHost past, few days. (: Definitly a place to go , if you need a cheap, efficent, and reliable host. Vouch for my boys, Laurence and Luq.
  4. Hey it's me Gangsta. (:

    Ayy, I'm Gangsta. Also known as Gang Gang atm, some of you may know me. I'm a 20 year old student from France, I'm studying computer Security, my goal is to be Security engineer. I'm also Freelance WebDev since 2013. (= My hobbies, are StreetWorkout, Finding Vulns where I can , and obviously making cool website. Nice to meet you , all Gangsta