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  1. I'm not sure which source this is but since it's just a command with an if statement and a sendstring, it's probably in your PlayerCommand class. Do you have playercommand.java or something similar to that you could paste?
  2. With some time off I've been wanting to get my hands on Java again, I only do web stuff @work and I've wanted to mix it up. I think the title explains it all, but to be a bit more specific, i'll make a launcher for your rsps, regardless of which features you want. Please note that if you want features like auto-updating, fetching the news from a server, database queries, basically any features that would require a host, you have to have/buy a host, since I won't host your cache, images and whatever else you want for you, but I can set it up for you. If you're interested i'll tell you the price after you tell me all the features that you want, i'll try keep it low and fair I made a few launchers back in the day, that looked bad, but were functional, this is probably the most recent one I made, and it looks like this: (you can check out the launcher thread here) to get a better look. If you're interested at all, pm or reply to the thread with your discord (skype works too, but I prefer discord) and we can figure out the details and what you want. I've seen launchers going for as low as $5, and i'd just like you to keep in mind i'm not mass selling these, it will be handmade from scratch for you, but unless you're asking for some avant-garde features, I think I'll be willing do most for around $20 , so that's a reference price, in case you're interested. A few things worth mentioning: - Unless you specifically ask otherwise, it'll be made in Java, and unless you have any valid reasons as to why it shouldn't be, i'd be most comfortable working in Java - If you're planning on asking for any features that would require a database, please make sure your host provider allows remote SQL connections, if you're not sure which features require a db, we can work that out on discord - When we work out what needs to be done, if we both agree on everything I will stick to the date of delivery, and would appreciate you sticking to the payment date also - I expect a payment before you get a full copy of the source files and a compiled launcher, you will prior to that be able to test it all out and see if it's what we agreed to or if I missed anything/you would like to change anything. Thanks for reading!
  3. Archer

    my favorite

    I'm not even sure what this means, can anyone explain? Haha
  4. I'll check it out when I find some time but the website design looks neat good luck
  5. This one was everywhere at one point so most of you've probably heard it before but I still really love it "Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer" - Javik from Mass effect 3
  6. I really like 2006, so I wouldn't wholeheartedly agree with the guys above, but i'm swamped with stuff so I couldn't really contribute, am dying to see a really innovative 2006, hopefully that's you!
  7. Archer

    Client Launcher

    Thanks Here's the template PSD, but this is not the original one I used, so it might have some alignment issues, if it does, go to the launcher and find the news links that are current there, linking to the .png's, and use that as a base width*height ratio
  8. Archer

    Client Launcher

    Thanks! Didn't get much reaction so I completely forgot about the .psd's, I'll link them when I get home
  9. Downloading now ot: the host portion of a link isn't case sensitive, but i'm guessing you use apache and the rest of it is, so it's Postmortemrsps.com/client/PostMortem.jar
  10. I'm bored at work 24/7, so if you're still looking shoot me a link
  11. Really good stuff, sorry to hear what happened
  12. Your link is broken, not sure if you sold or not, but thought i'd let you know in case you didn't. edit: just realised this was posted over a year ago, oh well lmao
  13. I always liked this quote, for when I got ahead of myself: "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy." for which BrainyQuote credits Colin Powell, but it's not quite accurate, that quote was actually paraphrased by Correlli Barnett in the The Swordbearers: Studies in Supreme Command in the First World War (1963), but that, like I said, was paraphrased. The original quote is "No operation extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main body of the enemy." , which was said by Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (January 1871 – August 1888), who was a massive admirer of Napoleon and made Napoleon's saying "I have never had a plan of operations." his own.
  14. Archer

    runesoft logos

    I don't see why everyone is so harsh, #1 is definitely not my taste, but #2 is pretty neat. The F & T overlapping has some charm to it, it's very simple, but gets the point across. The Java logo is a bit too thin IMO though, I'd probably add some stroke to it to fit the general vibe the font gives off. edit: If I stared long enough i'd end up prefering your #2 logo over the current runesoft logo with the morpheus font
  15. are you talking about this?
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