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  1. still looking for this if anyone is willing to share with me
  2. if someone still has this i'd really appreciate the link
  3. gonna take a look at this thanks for the drop
  4. jimslimdim


    link seems to still be broken on this one
  5. jimslimdim


    thanks for the drop, imma take a see at this bad boy
  6. dammmn nice drop, gonna take a look
  7. jimslimdim

    Ivory #742

    thanks for this, gonna take a look
  8. thanks for this, looking good
  9. thanks for this gonna take a look
  10. jimslimdim

    Zaros 666

    thanks for this imma take a look
  11. yoo thanks for this homie, will come in handy
  12. thanks for sharing this man, im gonna check it out
  13. thanks a lot for the release man, let me see this
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