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  1. Hello all, this is a leak that's actually decent... Source / Client: PASSWORD IS ON RUNESUITE DISCORD!!: [Hidden Content] Love y'all & BE SAFE!! Enjoy!
  2. Download link will be in the #runite-files channel in discord Discord link: [Hidden Content]
  3. DreamScape RSPS is a customs server with tons of models \ textures enjoy! Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  4. SohanScape RSPS Source, Client & Launcher Download Link: [Hidden Content] oad
  5. Official Arrav RSPS Homepage Website Download [Hidden Content]
  6. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Server used to have around 1k+ players then it got shutdown by jagex Media:
  7. Download Link: [Hidden Content] This is the latest version of ArteroPk from when it shut down. This base will take a little bit of work to get it going, but it is a good pking base with solid features. These files were supplied directly from the original arteropk owner, through the Simplicity owners and to a developer. The simplicity owners are very corrupt, and they are attempting to re-open arteropk using these files and are lieng about how they received the files. [Hidden Content]
  8. Fill Package: [Hidden Content] This is Simplicity from August 17th, 2019. Any backdoors/dupes have been removed/fixed. To use this you have to import the simplicitydb.sql into a mysql database, and then change the mysql details in config.cfg in the source. Simplicity is a pre-eoc server with some customs. This server also has fully working osrs data inside of a pre-eoc server. Reason for release: The owners of Simplicity are Supreme and Rees. Supreme is a fake identity, his name is actually 'Ama'. This person is known for hacking with Stuart, and is best friends with him. If you don't know who Stuart is, he is responsible for hacking many servers and black mailing them. He is also a part of DreamScape RSPS. Stuart is involved in the current Simplicity. Please be aware that I am not talking about the r-s supreme, this supreme is ONLY on Simplicity and ArteroPK. Quote from the person releasing this: The Simplicity owners are crooks and need to be stopped. When we released our new server, they ddosed it, ddosed my internet, hacked my players and dropped their items, duped at home and dropped 2b cash everywhere (until we fixed the dupe), flooded our server with bots, and more. "The Simplicity owners are very disrespectful to their developers, when I realized how corrupt they actually were I quit immediately." .

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What is a RSPS?

A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.


Runesuite is not affiliated with runescape, jagex, rune-server and runelocus in any way & exists solely for educational purposes.

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