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  1. Hello all, this is a leak that's actually decent... Source / Client: PASSWORD IS ON RUNESUITE DISCORD!!: https://runeindex.com/drive/s/WUJau1sUrUO08OOuCNJhbziTk0Ws8R Love y'all & BE SAFE!! Enjoy!
  2. Download link will be in the #runite-files channel in discord Discord link: https://discord.gg/6r24qXr
  3. SohanScape RSPS Source, Client & Launcher Download Link: https://runeindex.com/drive/s/EoiOjtslp7dDN4sZNudsUf4HARo9jM oad
  4. Official Arrav RSPS Homepage Website Download https://runeindex.com/drive/s/ymRIMi7Y5i4IQjPVWnN2VSCS4OjKw8
  5. Download Link: https://runeindex.com/drive/s/xDIzOtzqOiqUSxr3QE5udq9EAXUuXp
  6. Download Link: https://runeindex.com/drive/s/E9TneOpvziZrIv59eVIXZ4gqN3Gtdh
  7. Download Link: https://runeindex.com/drive/s/UtIPcM8PqSdsvUqEMU7GjQM2D29lHF Pic:
  8. oh no that toxic place is still around?
  9. Download Link: https://runeindex.com/drive/s/Vqz5UERW8MdmqaymmvSrzM0gSKBG7l Server used to have around 1k+ players then it got shutdown by jagex Media:
  10. Fill Package: https://runeindex.com/drive/s/XpWCTsozPK0y7PM2KE92M8XIp0zpna This is Simplicity from August 17th, 2019. Any backdoors/dupes have been removed/fixed. To use this you have to import the simplicitydb.sql into a mysql database, and then change the mysql details in config.cfg in the source. Simplicity is a pre-eoc server with some customs. This server also has fully working osrs data inside of a pre-eoc server. Reason for release: The owners of Simplicity are Supreme and Rees. Supreme is a fake identity, his name is actually 'Ama'. This person is known f
  11. While I'm not sure about the events your talking about, it looks like Ace is trying hard to improve the community now. It seemed that from an outsiders perspective that the community was only involved in RSPS leaks which was detrimental to attracting more valuable members to the community from competitors like rune-server. For those who aren't aware (and surprising that it hasn't been mentioned in this topic) is that Runesoft is actually an original community from 2007 that splintered during the original RS-Server.net into Rune-server phase (where wohookevy stole the domain from gander and spl