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  1. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - Ultimate 2012 Experience

    03/23/2018 Server updates: Regular donators have a XP boost of 1.3x and super donators have a XP boost of 1.6x. Added better loots for the thieving stalls. You can now create a dragonfire shield using the anvil with the required stat & items. You can now use the bars on the anvil to open up the interface.
  2. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - Ultimate 2012 Experience

    03/22/2018 Server updates: Added back the option to change your slayer task (fee of 75k). Updated again 100+ NPC combat definitions (HP, attack speed, max hits & combat scripts to 2012). Dungeoneering tokens rate have been increased, at level 80 you may be able to have one chaotic item. You can now forge godsword blades.
  3. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - Ultimate 2012 Experience

    03/19/2018 Server updates: The grimy marrentill & tarromin have now their right level & experience. Added the 3 god's books to the equipment shop. (Chad's suggestion). You can now select the difficulty of your slayer task you want (easy, medium & hard). Updated NPC bonuses, combat definitions & some combat scripts to 2012 ones (still missing some, I will complete it tho).
  4. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - Ultimate 2012 Experience

    03/17/2018 Server updates: Increased the speed of stealing from the stalls. Capitalized all names needed in the achievement interface (Joseph's suggestion). Fixed crawling hands slayer level and added 1 new task. 104m annoucement have been added. The noticeboard will now show your slayer task and the amount to kill (Chad's suggestion).
  5. - About - Novite is a pure 742 server, I offer a stable server with a good economy and a friendly community (combat rate: 45x, skilling rate: 25x). I also plan to add way more in the future to have an enjoyable server - Home - Play Now - Forums - - Features - - 23 Skills - 4 Minigames - 14 Achievements - 6 Dungeons - 2 Resource dungeons - Toolbelt (works with all skills) - Lodestone network - Grand Exchange (history, item sets, collection box) - Money pouch (works with bank, shops, deposit boxes, G.E, drops) - Flower game (gambling) - All NPC's spawned are working (combat, dialogues, drops, shops) - Character customisation - XP counter (enable/disable XP pop-ups, skill tracking) - Wilderness obelisks - Ornament kits (sp, or) - Shops (works with money pouch) - Bank (tabs, searching, notting, deposit items, deposit from money pouch) - Crystal chest (20 total rewards) - XP/Level targets & clearing - Boss kill counts - Zooming (graphics settings) - Much more to come, it's only the beginning...
  6. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    Website is up, you can visit us at: [Hidden Content]
  7. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    A bit earlier but, the beta is now online, you can download the client by clicking this link: [Hidden Content] - Discord: [Hidden Content] - OT, you can spawn items, master so you are able to test everything you want.
  8. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    02/22/2018 updates: While being in a dangerous area, coins will go in the inventory instead of the money pouch. You can now remove items from the equipment bonuses interface. Redone the class HerbCleaning (correct experience & messages). Added 3 PvP teleports (mage arena bank, east, west). Limited some revenant drops from the Grand Exchange. - If you are interested in this project, you can join us: [Hidden Content]
  9. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    02/20/2018 updates: You can now skull yourself by going into the Novite book -> account option. (it lasts 30 minutes). Set level target/XP target and clearing target are now working. Boss kill counts have been added. Fixed where the fight caves & fight kiln controllers were bugging out the XP display. Forinthry dungeon completed. - If you are interested in this project, you can join us: [Hidden Content]
  10. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    02/18/2018: updates: Magic class got a clean up + some renaming. Caskets are now giving between 1 & 125,000 coins. Crystal keys can now be made. Crystal chest done (20 total rewards). Notes have been added (editing, colour, delete, delete all). Ring of stone and easter ring are now working (you can morph into a rock and into a random egg). - If you are interested in this project, you can join us: [Hidden Content]
  11. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    A beta test will be up in 1 week or 2, you will be able to master & spawn items to test everything (exact dates: 23 february or 2 march). I will also post back updates since I didn't post any from the last time. - Discord link if you are interested: [Hidden Content]
  12. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    02/08/2018 updates: Renamed "sendConfig" to "sendVarp", "sendConfigByFile" to "sendVarBit", "sendGlobalConfig" to "sendClientVarc". Emotes are now working (all of them). Fixed a typo when examining noted items. The data section have been redone completly and re-organised (also renamed it to "repo").
  13. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    02/06/2018 updates: Sent the script who make closes the chat box interfaces when walking (exemple the bank searching, joining a fc etc). Sent the varp for the amount of spins left (it was -1, now it says 0). Changed the cache (took the released one by Sushi, 620mb to 600mb now). You can now scatter the ashes (correct message, experience, graphics & delays). You can now bury the bones (correct messages, experience & delays).
  14. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    02/04/2018 updates: Trade completed (money pouch option to add later). Price checker completed. You can now change the color of the text in the friends chat. Chat effects are now working. You can now toggle the number of mouse buttons. You can now examine items in the worn equipment tab (forgot to add it when I did the item removing part).
  15. Stimulant

    [742] Novite - The comeback

    01/31/2018 updates: The XP display is now working (enable/disable XP pop-up, setup XP counter, reset XP). All inventory options are now handled. Worn equipment tab buttons have been handled (items part). Skill advance guides are now working.

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