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  1. Welcome to my services thread. I've been in the RSPS Scene for a few years now. I'm quite familiar with 317 Interface's and can practically do any thing you request. You can see a lot of my previous work in the images below. NOTE: Herb#7084 will be designing the sprites your interfaces. You will be required to draw a mock-up of the interface on Paint so that he can follow up and create something based of that design. I will be the one doing the interface client and server sided. Terms of service: - You will have to pay upfront, friends and family before any work is started. - If i do not do your request you will be given a refund accordingly. - You cannot sell or release any work we've done. - I have rights to re-use and re-sell your interfaces. Prices: Prices can range anywhere between 30 - 100$. Depending on the amount of work required, bare in mind that price mainly depends on whether you want me to write it server sided. Contact: Adam_#6723 Herb#7084 Previous Work:
  2. Meradj10

    Guide to 20 posts

    Seems fair, thanks for the guide btw. I'm sure this will help out a lot of people. Regards
  3. Meradj10

    Near-Reality Release

  4. Meradj10

    Illerai Client

    hello thanks
  5. Meradj10

    [317] Overload Release

    Damn, Thanks!
  6. Meradj10

    SirePS - Argus (Released) Enjoy <3

  7. Meradj10


    Should give Adam credits for this.
  8. Meradj10

    OS-World Re-release

    Good sh*t bud
  9. Meradj10

    [OSRS] VenomPS Released

    Looks neat
  10. Meradj10

    OSPS (First Version)

    pretty cool.
  11. Meradj10

    Client Launcher

  12. Meradj10

    ArteroPk - Released

    how old is this? i know its been released a few times before, but they're quite outdated.
  13. Meradj10

    Client Launcher

    pretty insane, will use!

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