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  1. Favorite Rsps Community

    I like rune-server but I'm starting to like this site more, seems more chilled out the more I look around
  2. How to dupe on most leeched servers

    Most Ruse servers have a dupe with Flasks if they use Ruse V2.
  3. Explanations!

    Same, I thought the Forum Moderator Icon was an Administrator rank
  4. +Support just tried this on my phone.
  5. Host Ready Sources?

    What Daniel said, you can't just download and host a server without expecting work.
  6. OS-Xeric - The #1 Upcoming OSRS Server!

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this leaked not too long ago on another website?
  7. Kandarin - The next OSRS PK server

    Is Lennard RS Wiki? he used this name before
  8. [OS] Emulous - Bringing YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Goodluck, but curious, if you're going for an OSRS Approach, why not ditch the weird custom crowns?
  9. Incase people don't know, it's just as quick to pack them into the cache instead of preloading.
  10. Hello, I'm Jake

    Hello I'm Jake, I'm 19 years old and from Scotland, I'm an experienced Java developer and just getting back into RuneScape Private Servers after 4 years.