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  1. RSW Skiller


    more interested on media
  2. RSW Skiller


    curious if its right version of nr
  3. RSW Skiller

    SimplicityPs - Released

  4. RSW Skiller

    ScapeSoft-HD 317 RSPS Release!

  5. Website : [Hidden Content] Community : [Hidden Content] ZanytePS is new custom rsps released on 29.05.2018. Server is built on player suggestions and satisfaction, ZanytePS strives for unique content, enjoyability and endurance. We are aiming to be #1 custom rsps soon! Some features : Unique interfaces. Nearly one thousand of custom items. Balanced melee/range/magic, not like other custom rsps's where you can have only overpowered melee items. Loads of unique system - key fragments , each npc has its own key system. Loads of fun mboxes to open. Over 25 custom mobs to kill. Over 12 custom bosses to kill. Daily updates - can follow on discord. Over 70 achievements to complete! Unique upgrade system - use upgrade gem on item to get it upgraded. Working well of goodwill, which grants 10% drop rate boost and double exp for 2 hours per activation. Zombie minigame (custom minigame). Over 40 custom pets (pikachu, patric, spongebob etc) , each pet has its own perks! Duo Slayer. Beautiful client with tons of settings. Anti-scam gambling. Unique custom maps. Including custom home. And tons more! I dont have much time right now to grab images for advertisements thread but they will be added tomorrow. Instead ill add video which shows server a bit (server tournament) and also $100 giveaway (check video description to see how to participate) . Feel free to check us out ! Video :
  6. RSW Skiller

    OSPS (First Version)

    not really sure what is it but gna take alook
  7. RSW Skiller

    Aeros- Leaked!

    not gonna use but will save to my desktop
  8. RSW Skiller

    RSPS Client Launcher

    looks good, may use u one day
  9. RSW Skiller

    Client Launcher

    thanks man
  10. RSW Skiller


    haha thanks for this man
  11. RSW Skiller

    OS-Royale release

    thanks for release man
  12. RSW Skiller

    Graardor - 100m OSRSGP Competition

    good luck with your rsps! @Madara still looking for ur project .-.
  13. RSW Skiller

    Plantium-ps Release

    I'm not sure but r-s thread is dead + cant find anything about this rsps on google?
  14. RSW Skiller

    stewie( mod apk)

    "whant" - want* anyway gl.

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