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  1. Intervention X 718 Loading 742 - Released

    Any differences from the one that is/was on r-s?
  2. Shops/Drops Editors

    Got a chance to try them out last night, looks good.
  3. Hello

    @Cagin idk if ur avi is common or if I know you. Welcome.
  4. That r-s link is dead, mind throwing up some media if the threads gone?
  5. I looked at it before I made a post and it said I had 1 post this week. I looked at it again after I made a post and it still said 1. I'm pretty sure I didn't have any this week. Edit: still says 1 when it should be 3+
  6. Highrisk video - check that out please :3

    That ending had me laughing, good stuff man keep it up.
  7. Salusscape/OS-War (Client)

    Worth a look, thanks.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. [OSRS 126 Data] Lunar Isle V3

    Eh, worth a look I guess
  10. Emps-Scape - Website Download

    Links are dead(at least for me)
  11. Few ideas

    Hey all I have a few things that I think would be beneficial to the site. In the osrs server development downloads section a sub-section could be added for 317/osrs releases and the 317/osrs releases and the osrs releases in the 317-4?? section moved accordingly. Which could also give way to a 317/osrs client dev sub-section in with the 317-4?? section. Adapt/interpret that as you may. Somehow i ended up getting slipped something last night and I'm still feeling a bit odd so my wordings probably a bit off. Cheers.
  12. Ikov (arrav) - Release

    There's a txt file named zarketh-_-sql_deps in the release change the file extension from .txt to .sql Now in MySQL Workbench -> In your local server instance under management click into "Data Import /Restore", click "Import from self contained file" and then point it to the zarketh-_-sql_deps.sql and import it. You'll need to change the SQL pathings in the server files to your SQL server and make sure it's connecting to the right database. You should be good to go from there on.
  13. Os-Kingdom v1 || OSRS

    Placeholder to see media Edit: I don't think I wanna touch this, but thanks though.
  14. Blank OSRS Deob Server

    Looks nice, will check out.
  15. bigger avatars