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  1. Sick new section thanks for OS-Scape
  2. Now this is something I am interested in, thank you!
  3. TriHard

    OS Royale

    Ty just wanna see the media :)
  4. Thanks going to give it a shot appreciate it
  5. Thanks for the release going to check it out haha xd
  6. TriHard

    No idea.

    I'm pretty sure you just have to change the link to http://dl.dropbox.com instead of http://www.dropbox.com
  7. It's quite annoying to see an RSPS release, like & reply to unlock the download, and then I have to scroll through 50 replies of thank u ty ty ill try to MAYBE find feedback/issues with the release. I think the 'Thanks' button is enough.
  8. Thank you, will take a look at a couple of these.
  9. Thank you, going to test this out. Much appreciated.
  10. Its ya boi again replying to a 2016 thread trying to find a fun base
  11. Maybe I'll give 667 a try - thanks, looks really fun to play with.
  12. Yo I swear I'm not spamming mods I'm just having a hard time finding the right one for me Ty

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