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  1. Come check us out, 48 players online and we just released 100% custom raids!
  2. Bump come join the fun, we are adding raids soon!
  3. Thank you! Feel free to come check us out
  4. Thank you, I hope to see you in-game!
  5. It's challenging, not necessarily "hard". It's a process that's a lot of fun!
  6. Feel free to come check us out
  7. Thank you, I hope to see you in-game sometime!
  8. Thank you, I hope to see you in-game!
  9. Play Now - Join our forums! - Join our Discord Welcome to the Guthix advertisement thread! We're happy that you've decided to take a look at our server because we know it's one that you won't forget. Here at Guthix, we emphasize good ownership, quality development, and a great community. We're a brand new server that focuses on giving you; the players, the most fun and unique experience that you have ever had on an RSPS before. You may be asking yourself, what makes Guthix different from every other server? The answer is short and simple, we know what fun is. With a wide variety of content and frequent updates, we are always introducing something new for you to enjoy. Below, we will list some of the things we have to offer. Server Features: - An active and growing community - Frequent Updates - Guthix Lore Items - Fully working ironman - Player Referral System - NEW Obsidian armor tier - World tree event - 83 Fully working achievements - Custom pet system where you can upgrade your pets for perks like charm looting, exp boost, drop rate boost, and banking - Fullscreen/Resizable - Many client options such as tweening, left click attack, etc. - Custom slayer interface - Dark Ranger boss fight - 24 Working skills - Great economy - Active and friendly staff - Minigame events - NPC Drop tables - Double XP weekends - 10+ Custom quests - 10+ Minigames - Custom gambling like the Colosseum and Five - 20+ Bosses - Great Economy - Two custom dungeons - Player owned shops - Tons of pets - World Boss - 15+ Custom Zones - 30+ Custom Items - Interesting Gear Progression and Gear Obtaining - Well thought out, the location for skilling areas, NPC's, bosses, and more! Play Now - Join our forums! - Join our Discord Tons of client features to choose from Minigames New player referral system Obsidian rock that gives shards to make obsidian armor! Custom pet system Custom obsidian armor with a fun quest Miscellanious Bosses Guthix Lore Items Slayer overlay Gambling Shops
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    Just updated our thread with a completely new tier of obsidian armor with a fun quest to go with it! We've also implemented a new slayer interface to make slayer even more enjoyable than it already is! Not only that, but we've added a player referral system aswell for you to enjoy so come join www.guthixps.com and bring your friends!
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    Just updated the thread with more recent media. Come check us out at www.guthixps.com we're a growing community and would love to have you.
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  14. Hi I'm Alex

    Hi my name is alex and I am from the US, nice to meet you