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  1. Charisma

    Its ye Boi Charisma

    At least your honest about it then.
  2. Charisma


    I've posted on your resizable client thread. Please attempt what I have written there and let me know how it goes. Always remember to backup. *fingers crossed* Ps, welcome to runeleak. Enjoy your stay in this rather vibrant community.
  3. Charisma

    Its ye Boi Charisma

    Thanks fam. Hi xxxxx. Ace. Please inform nathylad I may have posted a possible fix for his interface. Sending on Skype to be sure you get this.
  4. Charisma

    Interfaces not moving with resizeable

    Now I've never had to do something like this in my life. I'm more server sided. However under your code in draw3dscreen where the resizable mode is there's this under it. Configuration.clientHeight - 271, 5); Now correct me if im wrong. But your height seems a biT fucked up. Backup all your shit and perhaps try removing - 271? Or cancel that section out by making it -0 as a placeholder. Configuration.clientHeight, 5); or Configuration.clientHeight - 0, 5); if it gives you a syntax error. Now I've warned you im not client sided and I am begging you to back up before you try this because I won't be held responsible if it doesn't work. Keep us updated on how it turns out.
  5. Been subscribed since 50 subs. Keep going man. You're one of my favorites. Glad we got the anti squeaker squad in the RSPS department lately.
  6. Charisma

    My favorite quote.

    "Pain breeds strength, trust your struggles." ~Maria Sontay This quote has shaped me throughout the majority of my life and helped me while I was down some dark paths. I ask you take a moment to think about what this could do for you because perhaps it might be able to assist you in a similar way.
  7. Charisma

    Its ye Boi Charisma

    I like titties, beer, weed and money. I don't like fake niggas. I'm helpful when it come to rsps and real peeps.

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