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  1. My Future Goals.

    great goals keep grinding
  2. Funniest rs jokes?

    boy you are going places not lumbridge but places
  3. Funniest rs jokes?

    damn boy lol
  4. My PC build.

    WOW excellento thats some overkill specs just gotta upgrade that graphic card[i am joking its enough already]lol
  5. Silabsoft 317 Client

    bravo nice upload but wont be using thanks anyways
  6. Mistex 317 RSPS Release

    wow nice looking forward to using this any known major bugs?
  7. RuneLive - Released

    slow internet problems we get you
  8. Help Client Customfont Not Gzipped Format

    L0L why is the server bullshit?i wanna know too
  9. RuneLive - Released

    WOOW omg good job ace keep it up Just wondering if this is the most up to date version?
  10. SirePS - Argus (Released) Enjoy <3

    Hey bro can u help me run this server?i am in desperato need of help thanks
  11. Help Client Customfont Not Gzipped Format

    may i ask what server are you running?
  12. RuneVision [Ruse]

    the one on rune-server got taken down cause umran was gettting too much hate i guess thats why he took he down