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  1. name jeff

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    2. stewie


      no my name is jeff

    3. G.O.A.T
    4. stewie


      no i am also jeff and spider man :D and superman :D

  2. Introduction

    welcome hope you enjoy your stay
  3. Intro

  4. U might know me

    pvp planet XD? @jinrake
  5. Post Mortem OSRS

    Honestly looks amazing good luck guys!
  6. Promotions 2/1/18

    Congratulations to @Zakku he has been promoted to Moderator
  7. 100m OSRSGP Competition PVPers PVMers Skillers Graardor is designed to make the wilderness as active as possible. If you're interested in killing other players by 1 tick ags to gmaul comboing them then what're you waiting for? Graardor is highly rewarding for PVMers. The only other way to obtain the best items in the game are by slaying the variety of challenging bosses who horde them. Graardor is focused on skilling so if you're a skiller thats exactly where you come in. Generate a massive cash stack while maxing your skills by supplying the PVP and PVMers with top quality supplies. Providing the worlds best dedicated rsps one emulating the mixture of original RS2 & OSRS, classic adventure, and one to capture the highlights of the two, Graardor is a streamlined, multi-mixed RuneScape private server constructed on a perfected platform. Offering a stable, well balanced economy, a steady stream of consistant weekly updates, and boasting one of the best communities, Graardor strives to provide the leading private server experience. Some content on the server worth highlighting: Over 30 bosses + demi-bosses to take on including QBD, Zulrah, and Vorago Every skill 100% Completed including Runescape Dungeoneering! 14+ dungeons and over 20 other areas to train combat related skills Pvp Perfected to the core! The best combat system in the rsps scene! Economy balanced to perfection Amazing Gambling system never get scammed! And much more.. we will need more than an essay to state them all Dungeoneering Hunter Summoning Graardor has one of the most complete PRE-EOC Dungeoneering on a 317 the rsps scene has yet to offer! The Graardor team has perfected hunter to the core with implings, greenwalls, birds, penguins, salamanders, ect Summoning on Graardor is something you will fall in love with. It is 100% replicated like runescape in every aspect. Server Events , Active Gambling, Active PvP
  8. Nmopal Resignation

    Hey everyone our community manager @nmopal has resigned to focus on other projects. The RuneSuite team wishes him the best. That being said i am looking for a new community manager so stay tuned for the announcement
  9. Emps-Scape - Website Download

    Updated Download Link
  10. Good luck server looks amazing
  11. New Forum Theme!

    Hello everyone! We have a new forum designer @charan who has brought us a new fabulous theme hope you all like it!
  12. Why is footer description a direct rip of RuneLocus.com?

    because we are savages we dont give 2 fucks hahaha
  13. Maps on Request

    Vouch for life