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  1. thx for the files champ needed this
  2. Welcome! dont forget to join our discord
  3. Runesuite 2.0 is here and I couldn't be happier to finally release it! What is RuneSuite 2.0? Overhaul of our Forum Theme (which brings an awesome new slider!) Moving our blogs from RuneLeak to our own Blogs section on our Forum! (RuneLeak will still be operating but will be more seo\rs friendly type blogs and not rsps related) Overhaul of our Downloads Section, Allowing Members with the Donator+ Rank to upload & sell their files on our site! The Chatbox Returns Twitter Sidebar Block Reintroducing Clubs! Create your own clubs & even make them
  4. yes and then their shit code gets leaked and used and the cycle repeats
  5. The owner of RuneAd threatens owner of RuneSuite with Blackmail, attempts fraud\scam So where do I even start? Today I woke up with an email from PayPal saying that I have an active dispute for $80. I go to investigate and find out that its from the owner of RuneAd (Aaron) I read the dispute and I'm shocked to see what was written: Now if this was true he would have a point but the whole story and evidence supplied is fabricated: Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 7.13.39 PM.png The next screenshot shows his discord server not showing a channel with the name RuneAd
  6. For this article RuneSuite interviewed Pim de Witte founder of RuneScape's once largest private server soulsplit the private server averaged 2,000 concurrent players across its three games achieved 1.5 million dollars in annual net revenue and had three million unique accounts registered. First lets take a look at where it all began, SoulSplit 1 went live to the public in January of 2009 it was actually Pim de Witte's third attempt at a runescape private server his first being world extortion I'm not even going to pretend that I can pronounce that name, second being said our PS at
  7. Why are 718's the least popular RSPS revision? It's been an endless debate over the years. "718s suck" "Any revision is better than 718" "Nobody likes or plays 718 servers" So on and so forth. But why? I believe there a few reasons that can explain why this has been an issue and I'll start with the most pressing reason. But first, let's define exactly what revision the 718 era is. 718 is the build number of Runescape (around 2012). It was one of the last few build numbers/revisions right before Evolutio
  8. Rune-Server Rebelion Discord Chatlog Leaked by Thakiller, looks like they hate quite a few people behind doors and aren't man enough to confront them about it. Childish mob mentality. Guild icon Unofficial Rune-Server Text Channels / spam-2 27-Dec-20 10:40 AM spam 2? Owain 27-Dec-20 10:48 AM Spam3 peter 27-Dec-20 10:48 AM stalinwave RuneHÜB George 27-Dec-20 10:51 AM Wtf Leviticus/Josh#2 27-Dec-20 10:51 AM Image attachment thisun 1 27-Dec-20 10:51 AM Not affiliated with PornHub peter 27-Dec-20 10:52 AM runehub will be hosting all t
  9. Today RuneScape Private Servers are insanely complex with features that rival the official version of RuneScape. however, it wasn't always like that. RuneScape Private Servers had to start somewhere and the beginnings weren't pretty. In today's article, we're going to explore RuneScape's first private server and how it spawned one of RuneScape's biggest underground markets. History of RSPS & Where it all Began Anyone unfamiliar with a private server it's basically a ripped version of the RuneScape client and a custom server so that you can create your own c
  10. It is no secret in today's RSPS scene there is A lot of malicious activity going on with rats and browser password stealers learn how to protect yourself in this article. So you've downloaded an RSPS but you don't know if you should trust it? don't worry we have all been there. Here is how they are stealing all your info and infecting your computers. Chrome\Browser Password Stealers When you run a server's client_name.jar or client_name.exe file they can execute code that steals and uploads all the saved passwords \ autofill data you have stored on your browser to their
  11. The hidden truth behind the success of DawnTained RSPS owner MGT Madness DawnTained Economy Back in the day DawnTained V1, V2 was an economy server that had been hosted twice failing both times. MGT was giving it his last shot and worked on another economy version of DawnTained (V3) for almost a year or two. DawnTained V3 Economy Server Beta After a while of coding, he decided to host a beta between his friends and I was invited as I was a very close friend of his (we sometimes talked for hours about IRL stuff).
  12. people should learn the basics of java\kotlin b4 asking for help tbh
  13. 1/2. rsps is "dead" but only because rsps owners stopped advertising to runescape players through bot sites ect so "new" players coming in is very low, also jagex\rsps owners has succesfully damaged the reputation of rsps in the eyes of runescape players. you mention the word rsps to a runescape player and they cringe and automatically assign bad annotations to it (some sort of social engineering as taken place for this to happen by jagex & RS youtubers ive seen so many youtubers/streamers shit talk rsps) or by so many big servers cashing out and shutting down blaming jagex. 3. conten
  14. thats pretty cool good job!
  15. Massive vouch, very reliable and trustworthy
  16. yo that login screen fire doe hehehe i might be releasing torva tomorrow aswell :O
  17. Hey guys im glad to announce the RuneSuite RSPS Toplist has launched! https://toprsps.runesuite.org Add your server to our toplist + server voting page and get a free $50 sidebar banner for a month on the runesuite forum! Limited time only! contact @Ace on forum or discord to claim
  18. RuneSuite is glad to announce that selling your files just got a whole lot easier! Head over to https://runesuite.org/files/ and upload your files to sell! Only donator+ can sell items in the store to prevent new accounts from scamming. RuneSuite will take 20% + 50 cents commission per transaction Example:
  19. Ace

    Anti-Virus Squad

    malicous code can come in many forms and can even be encrypted
  20. username request has been accepted
  21. Sup it is i Ace custodian of the rsps industry! jk jk So its come to my attention that people are being dickheads (nothing new) and adding malicious code into releases. I have taken it upon my self the custodian of the rsps industry to make it a safer community and i invite everyone to join me on this journey. How will we accomplish this? simple the Anti-Virus Squad. Whoever finds a virus in a public release, succesfully removes it & reuploads it will receive: $5-10 depending on the severity & complexity of the case The Anti-Virus Squad rank on
  22. havent seen this around in a while hehe [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  23. According to my sources this has been modified to be host ready! Server's Core & Stability Countless months of work brought perfection to our core. Taken into account every improvement to create to totally best we could provide. Here is a brief list of core improvements and system we created to make Arrav truly capable to deliver its potential. Latest Netty networking system (4.1.19). Delivering a 'one handler' per session pipeline that maximalizes performance. Queued incoming/outgoing packets. There is also one channel allocated buffer stream per session to which
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