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  1. Welcome! dont forget to join our discord
  2. yes and then their shit code gets leaked and used and the cycle repeats
  3. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  4. people should learn the basics of java\kotlin b4 asking for help tbh
  5. 1/2. rsps is "dead" but only because rsps owners stopped advertising to runescape players through bot sites ect so "new" players coming in is very low, also jagex\rsps owners has succesfully damaged the reputation of rsps in the eyes of runescape players. you mention the word rsps to a runescape player and they cringe and automatically assign bad annotations to it (some sort of social engineering as taken place for this to happen by jagex & RS youtubers ive seen so many youtubers/streamers shit talk rsps) or by so many big servers cashing out and shutting down blaming jagex. 3. content, content & content if any of the top servers gets leaked rsps scene will be cheering. because as of rn there is nothing to really use without putting in atleast a years worth of effort if you want to comepte with the top. 4. rsps owners need to stop damaging the reputation of rsps in general, the list of servers cashing out and shutting down in the past is too long to say. also high rev servers need to stop imitating rs3 and start focusing on the 2011 era with osrs added into it aswell. Also something to note: When new players come in from runescape theyre lost on what to do unless they have a friend playing who can teach them, soulsplit solved this issue by opening a page on first login with a very indepth noob guide for new players to learn the ins n outs of the game and what a rsps actually is.
  6. Ace

    need help

    you need to like and reply to the thread
  7. not even close noobs !!!!!!!! not even close noobs !!!!!!!!
  8. Zac S

    Hey man, can you check your discord PMs?

  9. thats pretty cool good job!
  10. Massive vouch, very reliable and trustworthy
  11. username request has been accepted
  12. Soul

    awesome releases 

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