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Alunity - Semi-Custom - A unique experience

We're currently adding & revamping a bunch of content that the game already had.

Discord Invite Competition:
Alunity is hosting a big invite competition!
There will be 5 winners for this contest:
First Place: 100M 07 GP & 100$ of store credit on Alunity.
Second Place: 50m 07 GP & 75$ of store credit on Alunity.
Third Place: 25m 07 GP & 50$ of store credit on Alunity.
Fourth and Fifth Place: 25$ of store credit on Alunity.

Some of our outstanding features:
- Osrs & Pre-eoc content
- Unique boss event system
- Unique tournament system
- Incredible interfaces
- Crate opening system
- Amazing combat system
- Well balanced economy
- Competitive highscores
- Helpful staff team
& much more!

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Hello everyone,

Before I get into the first update of Alunity I'd like to wish all of you the warmest greetings of this festive season and best wishes for happiness this New Year.

This is our first official Update since we've started this project. I know this doesn't look like much but the main reason for that is because our main developer "Nerik" did not note everything down correctly. We'll make sure to note down everything for our future updates. I'll be posting them here on R-S & our forums. We're planning on purchasing the affiliate rank so we can invite all you lads onto our platform. But for now, this should do it :)


Here are a few changes, fixes & additions we included in this update:

  • Well of Goodwill:
    • You are all familiar with the Well of Goodwill. On most servers, it's a pretty basic system with only 1 or 2 perks. We decided to throw this system upside down and introduce something unique for our players to enjoy! I want you to keep in mind that this system is not final yet, there are a few more things that we need to clean up but enjoy the sneak peek.
      • GP Donated shows how much you've donated to a specific perk.
      • Worldwide Total shows how much GP has been donated to 1 specific perk by all of our players.

  • Teleport Interface:
    • Our teleport interface allows you to teleport all around Alunity. However, there are certain locations that you cannot teleport to due to certain restrictions.
      • Teleport interface shows the NPC model.
      • When a certain teleport is selected it will contain a small description containing information about that specific teleport.
      • If an NPC/Minigame teleport has been selected it will show some of the many drops/rewards you can obtain from it.

  • Crates:
    • Our new designed crate system is one of our unique creations. Due to lots of servers having these Mystery Box interfaces we decided to change it up a little.
    • Purchasing one of these crates will cost you Alunity points, these can be obtained by playing the game, or donating for them as you would for regular mystery boxes.
      • 2 Different crates containing a bunch of tools, skilling items & rares. (Common Crate & Rare Crate)
      • Ability to view recently obtained items from the crates.

  • Command System Changes:
    • This does not contain any pros or cons for our players. However, for our development team, it is much easier to navigate through this command system. Our new developed command system should be way more efficient when it comes to developing & using.

  • Potion Timers:
    • Ever wanted to know how much longer your potion is going to last? With our new system for Potion timers you can! These timers will be placed in a box that you can toggle on & off.

  • Bonfires:
    • Bonfires are one of the best methods for training Firemaking. This gives you the ability to add more logs directly onto a fire.

  • Donator Scroll Changes:
    • Since most RSPS's these days use the same $ scrolls we decided to change it up a little.
      • Donator Scrolls have now been changed into Donator Boxes.

  • Rank Icon Changes:
    • Donators now have their own icons, each rank having its own set of benefits.
      • We've made sure that the benefits for our supporters are not overpowering the usual game experience for other players. We're aware that most owners/developers these days run their so-called money grab servers that contain unbelievable benefits for their donators. We've made sure that the benefits for our donators are well balanced so the game experience does not affect anyone else.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Client naming is now done correctly.
    • Fog has been added to avoid a black background.
    • New players can't use the command system till they have confirmed their game mode.
    • Crashed star spawns outside instead of inside the edgeville bank.
    • Play time counter now updates correctly.
    • Finishing the tutorial now actually rewards u.
    • Crystal chest at home is now correctly configured.
    • Shop keeper now walks in the correct area.
    • The slayer master has been repositioned to a correct position.
    • Teleport interface selects the first teleport in the category.
    • Removed 'search' option from the table at shops.
    • Clan chat text bug has been fixed.
    • Spell Book Altar has now been fixed.
    • Login screen player saving helmet fixed.
    • Healer has "Restore stats" as the first option and the member requirement has been removed.
    • Guardian security dialogue now shows the correct NPC.
    • Zulrah now drops 100-299 scales and it doesn't drop a giant snake spine anymore.
    • The back part of the west building has been adjusted.
    • The ironman shop at home is now no longer accessible for normal players.
    • Thieving stalls are correctly configured now.
    • The hole at home now takes you to the summoning cave.
    • Map underfloor issues have been fixed.
    • Map objects have been replaced with the correct ones.
    • Weird text in the left upper corner has been fixed.
    • Crates are now correctly configured.
    • Hiscores is now working correctly.
    • Fixed yell text.
    • Fixed menu tooltip rights naming.
    • Fixed rank colors.
    • Potion timers have been now configured correctly and can stack up.
    • Fixed bolt tips issue.
    • The Donator store system is now working correctly.
    • The login screen has been updated.
    • Tournament has been disabled (Unfinished).
    • Text in the chatbox is now more visible.
    • Possible drops in the teleport interface have been corrected.
    • Stores in general now work correctly:
      • Zeke, Buy weapons option now works.
      • Zhou, Buy equipment/Buy teleports now works.
      • Katara, Buy equipment works now.
      • Zoubida, Now says buy jewelry instead of Jewelier.
      • Fashion, Now opens its correct shop.


We hope you appreciate the time & effort we put into our game. We try to push out these updates as fast as we can :)

Alunity Team

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