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Is Ikov RSPS Safe?
Ikov is safe as far as I'm aware because it has more players than any other current RSPS and I've not heard any complaints about security issues or people being hacked as a result of playing it.

Pre-EOC + OSRS - 900+ online, Active PvP with clans, Gauntlet, Raids 1 & 2, Inferno, Queen black dragon, Construction, Summoning, and much much more.






Required Item: Ring of Kinship

Upon the creation of an account, one receives a Ring of Kinship in their inventory. If you happen to lose this ring, you may purchase another one from the Tools shop at ::home, just outside of the Edgeville bank.

Click "Activate" and you will get teleported to the Dungeoneering Area.

Dungeoneering is a skill on Ikov that consist of the exploration of Dungeons and killing Monsters. It is one of the most popular Skills on Ikov, and the only skill that you can train up to level 120, adding up to a whopping 104M experience when you achieve the maximum level. When exploring one of the floors, players need to find keys, kill monsters for a required kill count, and defeat the bosses to finish the dungeon. Players also have the ability to gain combat experience when playing. Similar to Runescape, Ikov also supports group Play.



Dungeoneering shop
Item Price
Arcane Pulse Necklace 6K
Arcane Blast Necklace 15K
Arcane Stream Necklace 30K
Mercenary's Gloves 48K
Ring of Vigour 50K
Chaotic Rapier 300K
Chaotic Maul 300K
Chaotic Longsword 300K
Chaotic Crossbow 300K
Chaotic Staff 300K
Chaotic Kiteshield 300K
Farseer Kiteshield 300K
Eagle-eye kiteshield 300K
Experience Lamp 1K
Scroll of Renewal 107K
Scroll of Rigour 140K
Scroll of Augury 153K
Charming imp 100K
Herbicide 100K
Tome of Frost 250K



A meeting with Ikov's proprietor 

With the recently reported discharge date (April 26th) of Ikov, I'm here today with the proprietor David to give players, and those the same a look at what must be accomplished for this to occur. It's been a long time since Ikov had first shut it's ways to players, yet inside the week, hundreds and thousands of individuals will rush back to get a sample of sentimentality with another cutting edge bend. 

Q: First off, congrats the recently reported arrival of Ikov. Are there any difficulties that you wish to investigate with me that you needed to suffer in transit? 

Much thanks to you. Luckily, I have an inclination that I'm special with regards to opening a server again in light of the fact that I've done it previously. During the first [Ikov] we were tested intensely consistently and that experience has shown me a significant sum. It gives me a ton of certainty this time around. 

Q: Definitely, I can get that. Is it true that you are at all anxious about what number of individuals are discussing its arrival? I, for one, have heard a considerable amount about the arrival of Ikov, and I've gotta state; there hasn't been this much discussion about a server in a significant number years. 

I'd lie in the event that I didn't state I was anxious. I'm very thankful for the help and energy that individuals have demonstrated as of now, and in spite of the fact that I'm sure, I'd prefer not to allow individuals to down. Individuals have a ton of incredible recollections of Ikov, and it's been 4 years now, so I would prefer truly not to demolish individuals' acceptable considerations of the server so I will put forth a valiant effort to ensure it's a charming encounter once more. 

Q: I totally get that. You have had many individuals remain with you, in any event, during different tasks, and it appears they've generally been faithful to you and the work you've done. With the rerelease of Ikov, are there any key contrasts that you've made? Amendment, new managers, things, and so on? 

Individuals realize that I try sincerely and have an energy for progress – They like to follow what I'm doing as they probably am aware I'll placed my everything into it. We've attempted to keep it moderately comparative as it'll carry a nostalgic inclination to play again and in spite of the fact that we don't need individuals to login and have the contemplations "Goodness, well, I've done this previously… " We've included a couple new bits of substance for the end game, for when individuals arrive at their objectives. We've taken a shot at including a finished rendition of Chambers of Xeric, and Theater of Blood, which we [the content creators] feel will be charming for the individuals who in the end arrive at the endgame. We're sure this is the best customized strikes of some other server, we have invested a resolute measure of energy bug splatting assaults, yet the aggregate of Ikov, so that the ongoing interaction will be smooth and charming for all. 

Q: I can see that, I commend your difficult work and assurance to your art! What sort of game modes will Ikov be advertising? Are there any significant contrasts between them? Anything that veteran Ikov players will recall, or new players will appreciate? 

All things considered, when Ikov was initially online we offered a standard game mode and an Ironman mode. From that point forward we've taken a shot at a couple new game modes that change it up and challenge to the individuals who need it. We offer the standard game mode and ironman game modes from previously, yet in addition offer in-your-face Ironman, bunch Ironmen which permits players to play with a gathering of up to 5 companions, and another reasonable game mode which is diminished XP with a higher drop rate for the individuals who welcome a decent crush. 

Q: I think Veterans, and new players will truly appreciate those game modes! I wish everybody karma in maxing with the new reasonable game mode. Any final words for those perusing, any difficulties you're putting out to the returning players, and new players the same? 

I simply trust individuals come and have a ball again with some old companions! I've seen a ton of names spring up on our gatherings that I haven't found in years and simply observing that has raised incredible recollections. Everybody is having a ton of fun talking in our conflict which is dynamic for the duration of the day. With respect to the difficulties, we have a few prizes for the individuals who complete them! 

The main player to accomplish the most extreme all out level on a standard record 

The primary player to accomplish the greatest all out level on an Ironman/Hardcore Ironman (Group Ironman doesn't check) 

The principal player to accomplish the most extreme all out level on a practical record 

The main player to accomplish the completionist cape (Any game mode) 

Amazing Prize: 4x Playstation 4 

First Ironman gathering to arrive at 2 billion experience 

Prize: Each part will get $50 

Discharge DATE: 26/04/19 

PLAY AT: www.ikov.io 

I'm anticipating the dispatch, and it ought to be an impact!


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