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Runik - A Dungeon Crawler built with the RuneTek 5 Engine

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Welcome to the project thread for Runik, a Dungeon Crawler being built in the RuneTek 5 Engine! This project thread aims to layout the concepts and progression of Runik through its development, and eventual launch into playability. 

Runik aims to take the RuneTek 5 Engine (or commonly known as the RuneScape client and cache protocol) and build an entirely new game out of the assets that are provided, whilst maintaining some of the classic RuneScape game-play. In order to provide a fresh new experience, the deconstruction of the main UI, and the way the game is structured is a must. We'll go over concepts below and in future development blogs, so stay tuned to this thread for future updates.


I. Concept and Design

Runik aims to take three popular games and combine the best features that are present in these games. These games include RuneScape, Diablo 2/3, and TibiaMMO. The core plan for Runik is to remove all of what we "know, and love" about RuneScape including skills, world interaction, the main UI and it's subsequent interfaces (including but not limited to: the bank, shop, skill, equipment, spell interfaces). 

The main focus and your individual progress in this game are focused around PvE (Player versus Entity), and improving your ability to get better loot and last longer in instanced dungeons or challenges. While the game does center it's focus around progression through dungeons or challenges, there will be over-world areas to interact with and your level in-game will determine if these regions are worth visiting or if you'll be caught dead in your tracks.

Other core features that Runik will introduce are offline training/harvesting, a whole new crafting system, queued AoE/Healing/Buff spells, item affixes, whole new damage/defense system, armour, and party system. I'll touch on these in the future with development blogs!


Stay tuned to this thread for future updates and more detail on where Runik will go!


Good day fellow Runik supporters! Today we are ecstatic to announce our first Discord Invite Competition!
The competition will end February 5th, 2020.




  • 1st Place: $150 Amazon Gift Card + Early Access
  • 2nd Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card + Early Access
  • 3rd Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card + Early Access
  • 4th-10th: Early Access + $10 Store Credit

Anyone who achieves 5 invites at the end of the competition will be granted early access


Rules & Regulations


  • Fake/Cheated invites will be removed and so will the perpetrator.
  • Leaving the discord will result in the removal of your invite from the inviter's total invites.
  • We WILL NOT TOLERATE invading other RSPS servers to gain invites; in doing so you you will be removed from the competition and possibly banned.


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