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  1. 17 points
    hello Runesuite i would love release Latest Valius what divine selling! in package has alll client source cache tools launcher [Hidden Content]
  2. 12 points
    Download Link: [Hidden Content] I'm petty so here is the latest RSPSi map editor download with all of the new and latest versions of plugins. This was actually a great update and makes the Editor a lot more crisp overall to use. Setup: Download the file, unzip it then drag the rspsi folder into your C:\Users\YourUser folder. Run the jar, select your cache file location and the plugin that you want to use. Note that you will need to try plugins via trial and error unless there is an obvious choice that works properly. Also sometimes the certain plugins may not load your cache the first time but if you try to reload a second time it actually works. Anyways Kudos to you RSPSi Guy for the update, i'm sure everyone will appreciate this one 😉 Here's whats new in v1.16 A rewrite of the cache handler The RSAM cache library I was previously using has been replaced with Displee's cache library. A plugin has been written to support pure OSRS caches Support has been added so plugins can specify which index a resource should be loaded from OSRS sprite archive decoding has been added XTEA support has been added to map decoding New features The tile selection tool has been rewritten so selecting tiles is a lot clearer and smoother The tile selection tool now shows different colours for selected and pending-selected tiles The show tile flag options now display as a different colour depending on the current height level Holding CTRL while moving will now slow the camera movement down Holding ALT while using the S_F tool will remove the selected flag from the tile Holding SHIFT while painting overlays will only paint onto tiles with existing overlays (and keep their shape) A checker brush has been added to the brush shapes (use Q or E to switch between the checker position) An absolute height option has been added that allows you to set the height using the height tool on z > 0 more clearly You can now show overlay and underlay ids as floating text in world You can now show tile heights as floating text in the world in absolute or standard format You can now set the height for the S_H tool without having to open a new window Added a remapper tool that takes a .json and a folder of maps, and converts any ID into a differnt ID given in the json file (used for updating maps between pre 180 and 180+) Object swatches Object swatches now save their rotation You can now give nicknames to object swatches Object swatches can now be dragged around and reordered There is a new right click option on object swatches that will open it in the object viewer Optimizations Memory usage has been reduced Lag when multiple regions are loaded and you're using a tool has been reduced The map_index editor now uses a threadpool to generate the images for each chunk Removed key and mouse input from the main render loop for more responsiveness Changed how often the minimap redraws The S_O and D_O tool will only highlight a single (closest) object if multiple objects are under the mouse Bugfixes & Misc Textures > 50 are now supported everywhere in the editor and not just on models Changed how shortcut are done when using tools Fixed import/pasting tiles not being undoable Fixed a bug that would make undoing deleting walls/wall decorations fail sometimes You can no longer type in the current height box The editor layout has been modified slightly, the minimap is now 256 x 256 and most dialogue boxes now use the dark theme The previous plugin that supported 317 loading OSRS data is now called OSRS317Plugin!
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    Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  4. 9 points
    [Hidden Content]
  5. 8 points
    Due to people selling it and such, i'm releasing my server Vorkath, it's revison 184 as of right now. Features: - Custom Home - Ironman - Hardcore Ironman - Emulation Mode - Neitiznot Faceguard - Alchemical Hydra - Inferno - Chambers of Xeric - Runelite Client Media: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. 8 points
    hosted this for 2 months and all i can say is if you are a committed developer you can easily get this top 5 with good marketing skills good luck to anyone who will use this Asking price was $60 Media: [Hidden Content] Base: Vencillio Download link: [Hidden Content] I decided to add a 143 loading 148 animations cache for you guys! ~ Madara. [Hidden Content] You will need to upload these images to your webhost or dropbox and update the links in the updatecache class: Expect more leaks to come im just getting started
  7. 8 points
    Fill Package: [Hidden Content] This is Simplicity from August 17th, 2019. Any backdoors/dupes have been removed/fixed. To use this you have to import the simplicitydb.sql into a mysql database, and then change the mysql details in config.cfg in the source. Simplicity is a pre-eoc server with some customs. This server also has fully working osrs data inside of a pre-eoc server. Reason for release: The owners of Simplicity are Supreme and Rees. Supreme is a fake identity, his name is actually 'Ama'. This person is known for hacking with Stuart, and is best friends with him. If you don't know who Stuart is, he is responsible for hacking many servers and black mailing them. He is also a part of DreamScape RSPS. Stuart is involved in the current Simplicity. Please be aware that I am not talking about the r-s supreme, this supreme is ONLY on Simplicity and ArteroPK. Quote from the person releasing this: The Simplicity owners are crooks and need to be stopped. When we released our new server, they ddosed it, ddosed my internet, hacked my players and dropped their items, duped at home and dropped 2b cash everywhere (until we fixed the dupe), flooded our server with bots, and more. "The Simplicity owners are very disrespectful to their developers, when I realized how corrupt they actually were I quit immediately." .
  8. 7 points
    Releasing Novea RSPS DEOB [Hidden Content] Enjoy Merry Christmas
  9. 7 points
    Link : [Hidden Content] rsps server.rar?dl=1 Media : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. 6 points
    An OSRS Emulation The tales of old school in high definition has been played with time and time again, with a few success stories behind the idea. Me and my partner Technotik have combined efforts in attempt to bring together another great server for us all to enjoy, which of course needed some full high definition features! Our engine is a highly updated hyperion with update server and cross world features, hyperion is a game server suite server which was aimed to provide an excellent, stable, quality base with advanced features. With these components and the complete updating for oldschool data, we feel this is a very competitive and elaborate game environment. What is the smite client protocol? The client is originally a 530 client which was converted by leanbow to use the 464 packet structure and read the 464 cache. Smite's team uses tools to overwrite the data of that cache with everything from inside the oldshool cache, which allows us to update our oldschool cache, then smite cache painlessly with a few clicks. We do not use any data other than oldschool. In a nut shell its an osrs replica with all added benfits of opengl. People can't ever keep things safe, I sold it off to cheap. Smite #170 is now a public repository. Project made by @Technotik and @trees [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  11. 6 points
  12. 6 points
    the owner of this server is trying to sell again hes copy of delusion-ps don't waste your money for this, here is my paid copy of it [Hidden Content] Rune-server selling link [Hidden Content]
  13. 5 points
    Here is a bad ass Jagex-quality map editor I acquired a while ago.... he makes maps like so: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content] Media:
  14. 5 points
    proof that i can release it on runesuite [Hidden Content] ALL CREDITS GOES TO FEAROX(Artem) [Hidden Content] Server's Core & Stability Countless months of work brought perfection to our core. Taken into account every improvement to create to totally best we could provide. Here is a brief list of core improvements and system we created to make Arrav truly capable to deliver its potential. Latest Netty networking system (4.1.19). Delivering a 'one handler' per session pipeline that maximalizes performance. Queued incoming/outgoing packets. There is also one channel allocated buffer stream per session to which we write the outgoing packets. No overheading and memory-effective networking system. Thread-safe queued logins and logouts to ensure the world integrity. Task driven server which ensures structured and well procuded content. Memory-mapped cache system which decodes defintions at a fast speed. Thread-safe parrallel synchronizer in charge of player updating. Action triggers for short interactions used by incoming packets. (considered to be a plugin system). Thus avoiding looping over countless ids to determine a button click. A unique pathfinding system which supports different algorithms including an optimized version of A* and a straight line caster. All of this is backed by the traversable map created by decoding the whole world map. Game objects (those physical ones such as walls and desks) are processed under two modes: Static & Dynamic. Static objects emphasizes on memory effective methods and are used mostly for player interaction validation. Dynamic objects are those who are created during runtime and hold more attributes. Both states have full support on thread-safe registering/unregistering. Regional based system which handles ground items, game objects and actors(players and mobs) dynamically during game play. This limits iterations used by various content-written features. SQL Pooling system which works apart from the game-thread. Content & Features All content was written to be minimal on the cycle time. Trying to avoid iterations and provide the best outcome possible. By using different design techniques, the content is written with the object-oriented-language Java. All this content relates to the official game. All parentheses will signify code design and improvements (written this way). Achievement system with difficulty (which provides stages without achievement repetition) Clan chat system with management commands (single line widget sent) Game commands (with java signature annotations) Dialogue system with several dialogue types and face expressions (supports easy dialogue chaining outside of declarations) Flexible pets following system with feeding and growing Combat is freshly rewritten but requires some tweaking to assemble the real feeling. But the fundamentals components for it are written. Release notes: Hello Dear Members of Rune-Server. You may know me or not, it doesn't matter. For those who are curious, I was possibly known as the 'ban-invader' behind this framework called Avarrocka which was later changed to Edgeville and then to Arrav. My name is Artem. I simply ask to keep this thread up as I'm simply giving back some of my biggest work in the RSPS scene. I won't be replying at all. The reason I'm releasing this is because I'm not involved in RSPS anymore since few months now. I've been doing some indie game development and I have no plans to come back to RSPS. Hence I'm releasing this server on which I've worked for several years. This server has enormous amount of quality work done. I would like to thank and give credits to several talented people i've worked with in the past: Stand-Up (stanaveli) My friend Dave Micheal Aka Chex AtomicInt_ Aka Ryley Kimmel Jire (gave many networking tips) Major (references from Apollo) Anyone else I might of forgot I'm highly grateful to this community (even though it is highly toxic sometimes) to all the knowledge it brought to me as I was starting learning how to programming by changing spawn coordinates in 2010. It was a great journey. FIXED COPY OF arrav is on top The server also reads the cache. A small star would be appreciated on github Here is a collection of some media (sorry it's advertising media, only thing I've got): [/SPOILER] For those who still hate on the previous version of this. The client was optimized to keep 50FPS at it's best. Memory usage is VERY minimal compared to any other clients with the same amount of data (530 + 667 + OSRS) Networking has been rewritten completely (1k live bots using A* pathfinding at home): [video][Hidden Content]] I've tested up to 2k, with a cycle of 60ms. Still using A*. Some fixes if downloaded before. Happy holidays!
  15. 5 points
    Releasing revenge because people have paid for it just to chargeback. I am done with the RSPS scene anyways. Enjoy! [Hidden Content] Media:
  16. 5 points
    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy the release, I have this to show you proof it's working etc. Load it in eclipse with gradle.
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  19. 4 points
    Not much to say just had these tools that i used for my 317 server LINK - [Hidden Content] Tools.zip?dl=0
  20. 4 points
    This is an amazing OSRS 3D map editor. This one loads rev 155. [Hidden Content] R-S Thread: [Hidden Content] Enjoy Post your results below!
  21. 4 points
    SERVER INFORMATION / MEDIA [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD ( This one includes many fixes, character files as oppose to the one being sold) [Hidden Content] VIRUS SCAN
  22. 4 points
    Download Link: [Hidden Content] Server used to have around 1k+ players then it got shutdown by jagex Media:
  23. 4 points
    Hello, I have decided to re-release these files, they are junk but I've seen people getting ripped off for them so I have decided just to release them. The files are working and run without having to do anything so I know that will help a lot of beginner coders out [Hidden Content] - virus scan [Hidden Content] - Copy.zip?dl=0 - Dropbox link Enjoy!
  24. 4 points
    for the best of the leakathon please visit: [Hidden Content] Youll Need 20 post count to reply to thread! [Hidden Content] <-- AlveusV2 (some PI shit) [Hidden Content] <-- Archaic - some old popular PI [Hidden Content] <-- Notorious 317 [Hidden Content] <-- AmberRS3 [Hidden Content] <-- Naragi (the one ripped from Allantois) [Hidden Content] <-- BetaScape 498 -- Hyperion based. [Hidden Content] <-- GrinderScape reup [Hidden Content] <-- Guthix Custom RSPS [Hidden Content] <-- IntensePK (Runite [317] based) [Hidden Content] <-- Redrune 666 [Hidden Content] <-- Recent ArteroPK [Hidden Content] <-- SlashScape 317 [Hidden Content] <-- Tekton [Hidden Content] <-- Up to date Zaros 498 [Hidden Content] <-- Zarpor 317
  25. 3 points
  26. 3 points
    Here you goooooooooo I had to remove the .git archives as it was 2GB originally that was the ONLY going through that was done. This is a good release if you can get it working.. Enjoy. Source / Client: [Hidden Content] Cache: [Hidden Content]
  27. 3 points
    I should start this off by saying I absolutely despise leaking, and people who -le-ak-. This industry, like most, is left up to a hierarchy. People who cannot develop will often latch onto the success of popular names or popular sources and often release servers that are nothing more than download & host. The developers of great projects have quit RSPS development overall due to their hard work being handed down to people who are usually ungrateful and unable to utilize the tool. However, in this case specifically, OS-Royale has brought this upon themselves by causing detriment to their developers, community manager, and advertisement manager. Money was mishandled and a majority of the premier staff members have been removed or stepped down to evade the oncoming ruin. The developers would rather this be released for the world than let the proprietors gain any profit. I'm not going to post features, etc. If you don't know what OS-Royale is or was, you can check their advertisement thread. Project development has been ongoing for almost a year. It should speak for itself, and if it doesn't -- educate yourself, I'm not going to hold your hand or provide any help with this. Please remember to import this project as a gradle project before whining that it has errors. Downloda Link: [Hidden Content]
  28. 3 points
    Based off of the Inferno 176 release, here is my personal project. Reposted here since it was locked on another site. Includes RuneLite with depth buffering for java rendering mode (disabled in OpenGL). Features: Updated to 177-12 cache + XTEAs Pretty much all packets complete, with some bugs. Basic window resizing (currently need to log out and back in to update the interface sets properly. Moved to SQL (files included) Added a good amount of plugins Added VarBit system (thanks polar & matrix 3) Runelite Woodcutting Firemaking Frames for mining, herblore, fletching, and some others that I can't remember right now A ton more under the hood stuff and some content If you're decent with java, you'll be able to work with this source just fine. Also, please don't be an asshole and try to sell any of the player updating done in this source, or the RuneLite that it comes with. Pictures: Known Issues: Long delay if player tries to log on too quickly Small issue in ground item updating, items sometimes duplicate (but can't actually be interacted with) Download Credits (in no particular order after the first 4): Polar - Could not have done it without all his help. Really great guy and I'm lucky to be able to have him as a resource. Kris - Great guy. Incredibly knowledgable and willing to help a ton if you can show you're willing to learn. Inferno Team Arios Team Klem3n Zion Nomac Displee Bart IlluZive (original Arios web design) And anyone else I missed that helped me along the process. I learned an absolute fuckton and could not have done it without you all. My hope is that this release just helps the RSPS scene to keep edging away from using 317 and moving to OSRS. OSRS servers are definitely the future and should become the standard. If you're thinking about creating a new framework or working on a new project, please consider OSRS as a good option. To anyone that will be aiming to further this source, please take a look at Polar's archive website, [Hidden Content]. The guy puts a lot of effort into archiving every single OSRS release and dumping things like items, enums, npcs, etc. His site is a very valuable asset when developing an OSRS server. For RuneLite, take a look here to learn how to run their maven build script. I got around to adding @Export("method") flags to every class and some primary methods, but if you'd like to keep the naming on the next OSRS engine update (when the revision changes), you'll need to add the export flag to any other fields or methods you want to remap. My Runelite package has everything you need to figure out how it works. Only thing it's missing is the decompiler/mapper, so just grab that from the last full Runelite release (1.3.9).
  29. 3 points
    Contains homepage design and store. Download Link: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Images:
  30. 3 points
    Ruse V2 Leaked Contains: Server Files Client Files Cache Files Full Ruse Website Files All In One Package:[Hidden Content] V2.0.zip Credits: Swiffy Arithium
  31. 3 points
    owner of this is a complete scumbag enjoy guys! Eldrax is a custom server based on Valius. Download at your own risk till I examine it further. I will post more images tomorrow. Download Here
  32. 3 points
    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  33. 3 points
    This is the full konarPs version that Logan has been charging for and scamming people with. Full package link: [Hidden Content] Server Media: [Hidden Content]
  34. 3 points
    Download Here This package includes the following products that are available in this store. Websites Anguish Arrav Arrav (2) ArteroPK Catanai Daemonheim DeviousX Divine Reality Falador InstantPK Matrix Millicent Misthalin MoparScape Old School Project-Exile Rigour-PS RSPSCMS RSPSCMS (2) RSPSCMS (3) Ruinca RuneLive RuneTop Sallesy ScapeSoft Substance XLite Zamorak IPB themes ArteroPK ArteroPK (2) ArteroPK (3) Bloodlust Goldlust Greenfox RSPSCoding RuneScape Top100RSPS IPB plugins Group Author Pane Group Color Format Group Name Legend Top Posters Discord Like Formatting
  35. 3 points
    TLDR what this does: Replacement for Tom's Suite Download: [Hidden Content] Credits: Me Bubbletan (cache library) Leon_ (dump map image) Tom's suite (texture image format reader)
  36. 3 points
    here's my copy of eradication-x reborn [Hidden Content] you can find there website here: [Hidden Content] this copy is from oct. 2019
  37. 3 points
    I don't have a lot of info from this, it's old but it's a true 666 before he made Dementhium... [Hidden Content] If someone could post a virus scan that'd be appreciated. I am downloading off my External to take media.
  38. 2 points
    Found a copy of Bandos' website. It's quite aesthetically pleasing with its design. Sadly, HTML and CSS only. No PHP. File Download: [Hidden Content]
  39. 2 points
  40. 2 points
    Download (Contains Server, Client, Login server, SQL files, cache, web files and fixes in a doc): [Hidden Content] Tools: N\A Post below if you have
  41. 2 points
  42. 2 points
    Full Package: [Hidden Content]
  43. 2 points
    download link: [Hidden Content] Media Ranging-Dark Bow Special [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Skilling GIFs] Farming Trees-Havesting Herblore-Potion Making Woodcutting-Adze Attribute Monster Examine [SPOILER=Images][/SPOILER][/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Bossing GIFs] Boss Images Zulrah Demonic Gorilla Corporeal Beast Tormented Demon Kalphite Quen Chaos Elemental Lava Dragons Crazy Archaeologist Kraken Tortured Gorilla [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Player Killing GIFs] Pvp-Pking Bots [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=OSRS Items] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Quests & Diary] [/SPOILER] Don't forget to leave some feedback, and leave a thanks if you enjoy the server.
  44. 2 points
    here is an Arios convert that has all (or so it says) packets completed... #155 is what the rar says, I got this off the person who made Vernox.. please scan if anyone has a chance. [Hidden Content]
  45. 2 points
    Download: [Hidden Content] Server Release here Posting this myself so those kids can't do much else but cry all day because i already did everything - Xenforo integrated - admincp for the store including a monthly graph - admincp login is integrated with the forum, checks user's group for permissions - There is no acp for voting...soz.- use phpmyadmin :^) (never got around to finishing it due to slaving on raids as the owner requested....sigh) - Hiscores - Store - Requires Phalcon PHP Framework ([Hidden Content]) As a free release, all copyrights must remain in place if you're going to use. Example of OK usage: "Copyright (c) 2017 YourServer. Created by King Fox" as stated in the server release, I will NOT provide help with this in any way. You're on your own. - i own 100% to this entire script. It's my work and mine alone. Design & Colors inspired by Runite
  46. 2 points
    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  47. 2 points
    im releasing ImpunityX here because alot ppl ask for this sourceplease don't hate, thank you. download:(fixed) client + server: impunityXcache is auto downloaded by client ENJOJ
  48. 2 points
    Data/Revision : Running #178 Data and Read value's Base : Elvarg Based Update log from Emerald - Ava's assembler - Dragon hunter lance - Devout boots - Hydra slayer helmets + Turquoise Slayer helmets - Added remember username - Added hide username - Texture speed slowed down - All OSRS NPC definitions [Hidden Content] Credits to : Professor Oak for most of the Elvarg Base & anyone else working on it. Media
  49. 2 points
    Download (Contains Server, Client, Login server, SQL files, cache, web files and fixes in a doc): [Hidden Content] This is arrav the server before ikov/elkoy with a few touches and content catching up (osrs) you can have yourself a decent ikov
  50. 2 points
    All credits go to Corleone. You cannot download & host this fortunately as there are plenty of bugs, however, it is perfect for people who want to rip content from it and implement to their server. Package download: [Hidden Content] Base: Elvarg [SPOILER=Some Media] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=SUPPORT US] [Hidden Content]] [/SPOILER] [/CENTER]

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