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    I saw this being shared by some people and managed to snag a copy, I figured it'd benefit the community a bit so here it is. Media: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Download: Source/Client: [Hidden Content] Cache: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] INFERNO.zip?dl=0 Spoiler for virustotal scan:
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    I have personally avoided posting this for over 2 months, hoping that others would learn from their mistakes, and become wiser. In hindsight, that was a foolish goal, and those responsible for the detriment must pay the price. For a long time, Stuart, co-owner of DreamScape, has hacked any RSPS he can, at his leasure. You might think there's an underlying reason to this - more money for them, more foothold in the RSPS toplists by killing competitors, among others I'm sure anyone can imagine. In retrospect though, there's not an underlying reason. Stuart has taken advantage of everyone around him -- his developers, who he forces to give him their drivers license and identifying IRL information - as a fear tactic; he's offered to help "fix" backdoors he exploited or found in your website or server - he has never, and will never, provide legitimate security help to anyone, he will plant an additional backdoor in your site and come back to ask you for more money later. The bottom line is, Stuart is a skid. I have for so long been tired of watching this inconsistent and incapable rat of a human being blackmail others and attempt to strong-arm his way through situations. As for information about the server, this is the latest client, source, and cache from the end of January. While others may attempt to tell you otherwise, it is only to save their face and minimize damage. Make no mistake -- this IS the up-to-date source. As my final aside - everyone at DreamScape can thank Stuart, who singlehandedly caused all of this to happen by fucking with the wrong people. There's a lesson to be learned here - there are bigger fish than you in the ocean. Don't forget it. THIS IS A MAVEN PROJECT, IMPORT IT AS "MAVEN" AND ADD THE JARS MANUALLY Media below Download links: Mirror 1 Mirror 2 PLEASE DO YOUR DUE DILLIGENCE BEFORE RUNNING THIS SOURCE!
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    Following the drama over at r-s the link was removed and thread was closed. Here is the reupload: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] Thread link: [Hidden Content]
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    Media:[Hidden Content] Download : [Hidden Content] Updated link: [Hidden Content]
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    Ruse V2 Leaked Contains: Server Files Client Files Cache Files Full Ruse Website Files All In One Package:[Hidden Content] V2.0.zip Credits: Swiffy Arithium
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    Sicyon 718 custom Rome edition V3 Details : Download link: Client, Server, Cache. [Hidden Content] [RSPS].zip?dl=1 Website: WordPress 5.X and up [Hidden Content]
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    With the new rule of 20 posts i have decided to make a guide to help get to 20 posts asap Follow these steps: reply couple times in the RSPS Advertisement Section Post your own youtube video or one you like in the Youtube RSPS Advertisement Section Post in the Famous quotes, Goals & Achievements, Music or Discord Communities Those are the basic sections of Rune Suite if you are interested you can visit the tech/market/gfx sections, We ask kindly to not spam post. You can post each 1 minute as long as they are not lq posts
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    here yah go! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy. Mirrors are welcome.
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    People in the list are the worst of scum and are the grease off a pig MGT Madness (Mega Scumbag)
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    Best release of 2019 by far not because the server or client is good in any way but because dreamscape have done so many people wrong & deserve nothing but bad karma catching up with them.
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    And you're going to download and host it, because they "Deserve" it? Rolf
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    I wouldn't host this trash LMAO
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