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    Download Link: [Hidden Content] I'm petty so here is the latest RSPSi map editor download with all of the new and latest versions of plugins. This was actually a great update and makes the Editor a lot more crisp overall to use. Setup: Download the file, unzip it then drag the rspsi folder into your C:\Users\YourUser folder. Run the jar, select your cache file location and the plugin that you want to use. Note that you will need to try plugins via trial and error unless there is an obvious choice that works properly. Also sometimes the certain plugins may not load your cache the first time but if you try to reload a second time it actually works. Anyways Kudos to you RSPSi Guy for the update, i'm sure everyone will appreciate this one 😉 Here's whats new in v1.16 A rewrite of the cache handler The RSAM cache library I was previously using has been replaced with Displee's cache library. A plugin has been written to support pure OSRS caches Support has been added so plugins can specify which index a resource should be loaded from OSRS sprite archive decoding has been added XTEA support has been added to map decoding New features The tile selection tool has been rewritten so selecting tiles is a lot clearer and smoother The tile selection tool now shows different colours for selected and pending-selected tiles The show tile flag options now display as a different colour depending on the current height level Holding CTRL while moving will now slow the camera movement down Holding ALT while using the S_F tool will remove the selected flag from the tile Holding SHIFT while painting overlays will only paint onto tiles with existing overlays (and keep their shape) A checker brush has been added to the brush shapes (use Q or E to switch between the checker position) An absolute height option has been added that allows you to set the height using the height tool on z > 0 more clearly You can now show overlay and underlay ids as floating text in world You can now show tile heights as floating text in the world in absolute or standard format You can now set the height for the S_H tool without having to open a new window Added a remapper tool that takes a .json and a folder of maps, and converts any ID into a differnt ID given in the json file (used for updating maps between pre 180 and 180+) Object swatches Object swatches now save their rotation You can now give nicknames to object swatches Object swatches can now be dragged around and reordered There is a new right click option on object swatches that will open it in the object viewer Optimizations Memory usage has been reduced Lag when multiple regions are loaded and you're using a tool has been reduced The map_index editor now uses a threadpool to generate the images for each chunk Removed key and mouse input from the main render loop for more responsiveness Changed how often the minimap redraws The S_O and D_O tool will only highlight a single (closest) object if multiple objects are under the mouse Bugfixes & Misc Textures > 50 are now supported everywhere in the editor and not just on models Changed how shortcut are done when using tools Fixed import/pasting tiles not being undoable Fixed a bug that would make undoing deleting walls/wall decorations fail sometimes You can no longer type in the current height box The editor layout has been modified slightly, the minimap is now 256 x 256 and most dialogue boxes now use the dark theme The previous plugin that supported 317 loading OSRS data is now called OSRS317Plugin!
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    Since a bunch of people are still selling this garbage and people are fighting over it lets release it OS-Fatality is #184 OSRS Revision. It is based on Runite. Full Website: Download Server + Old Client: Download OpenOSRS/Runelite client - Fully functional: Download Doesn't include Database for the website! If you want this feel free to contact me via PM If you're wanting to fully run this you'll need the Api, Update-server, Central-server. These are all pretty much released on here already. To the people who already have it all setup and want to use the runelite client simply import as gradle. The standalone client is located via runelite-client module Enjoy this Release guys!
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    Server Info [Hidden Content] Dl Link: [Hidden Content]
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    Custom RSPS Download Got it today... Enjoy. [Hidden Content] Backup: [Hidden Content]
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    Hey y'all, I know this has been leaked on Rune-Server but I'm 95% sure the DL link will go down in the next week or so, so here's a backup of the DL link This is actually a huge leak with all the files to re-run the server if you feel like it (Website files, Cache Editor in it, Interface Editor and all that). Download Link: [Hidden Content] Package.rar?dl=1 Download Link (Zaros Source/Client/Cache Only): [Hidden Content] Only.zip?dl=1 Project Thread w/ media: [Hidden Content] Good luck developing/ripping stuff from this. Mathy
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    hello Runesuite i would love release Latest Valius what divine selling! in package has alll client source cache tools launcher [Hidden Content]
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    Download link will be in the #runite-files channel in discord Discord link: [Hidden Content]
  9. 7 points
    the owner of this server is trying to sell again hes copy of delusion-ps don't waste your money for this, here is my paid copy of it [Hidden Content] Rune-server selling link [Hidden Content]
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    I saw this being shared by some people and managed to snag a copy, I figured it'd benefit the community a bit so here it is. Media: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Download: Source/Client: [Hidden Content] Cache: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] INFERNO.zip?dl=0 Spoiler for virustotal scan:
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    Contains: File-Server - Launcher - Game-Client - Cache - Game-Server Please note this is a gradle project which means you will need to import as gradle. Download Full package here: Click me
  12. 6 points
    This has been collecting dust for a couple of months so I figured I'd release it Some key features are: Constitution replaced with Hitpoints. OSRS context menu toggle. OSRS hitbar toggle. Never bothered with hitmarks. New indexes added to the 592 cache. These indexes contain the OSRS data. OSRS items and a neat system to go along with it. OSRS npcs (I think). OSRS objects (unfinished). OSRS maps. OSRS animations. OSRS character models with a toggle. Type "chars" in the command console to switch from or to the OSRS character models & a filtered list of OSRS animations data in game. OSRS widgets (unfinished. 592 doesn't use the if1 format so it needs an if1 implementation to work with all OSRS widgets). OSRS sprites. OSRS cs2 (unfinished. I've added support for OSRS cs2 but I never got around to cs2 instructions). OSRS varcs, varps, enums & params. OSRS texturing (unfinished. Just needs extending). Download [Hidden Content] Media
  13. 6 points
    FantasyPS Package - [Hidden Content] GalaxyPS Fixed Package - [Hidden Content] Libs required for them: [Hidden Content] Credits to Machine + Paran01a for the files. Edit: Added the lib download for the packages.
  14. 5 points
    Fill Package: [Hidden Content] This is Simplicity from August 17th, 2019. Any backdoors/dupes have been removed/fixed. To use this you have to import the simplicitydb.sql into a mysql database, and then change the mysql details in config.cfg in the source. Simplicity is a pre-eoc server with some customs. This server also has fully working osrs data inside of a pre-eoc server. Reason for release: The owners of Simplicity are Supreme and Rees. Supreme is a fake identity, his name is actually 'Ama'. This person is known for hacking with Stuart, and is best friends with him. If you don't know who Stuart is, he is responsible for hacking many servers and black mailing them. He is also a part of DreamScape RSPS. Stuart is involved in the current Simplicity. Please be aware that I am not talking about the r-s supreme, this supreme is ONLY on Simplicity and ArteroPK. Quote from the person releasing this: The Simplicity owners are crooks and need to be stopped. When we released our new server, they ddosed it, ddosed my internet, hacked my players and dropped their items, duped at home and dropped 2b cash everywhere (until we fixed the dupe), flooded our server with bots, and more. "The Simplicity owners are very disrespectful to their developers, when I realized how corrupt they actually were I quit immediately." .
  15. 5 points
    This Is Not A Leak! I have simply downloaded this tool from another source for you to download with ease providing a new link. Click For Media -Virus Total Results Below- Click - Toms Cache Suite Click - T3D Click - 12fprod_common-sheet Click - forms_rt Click - Download
  16. 5 points
    Download Here Didn't open or test, will post pictures later tomorrow. Download with caution as usual.
  17. 5 points
    This is the 666 Zaros leaked version, not the up to date version, this was sold by Nomac without any rights from the developers that were not paid for their work. In no way, this should be used to establish a real server as is, it needs a lot more work, and there is some bad design choices that needs rework or changing, as well it contains some critical bugs like in the container system. Unfortunately, I am too busy to provide any media right now, if you can find the project thread, then this version should contain most of it. I will try to update it later when I can. Mega: [Hidden Content] Credits: Nomac for scamming the team GabrielB (Wolfsdarker) Walied RedRune authors for base (even tho we got rid of most of it's code)
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    Hello alot of people selling this and alot of people earning from it so why not fuck it here we go solace rsps download link : [Hidden Content] i will not provide help for this server but i will do services if you need any services contact me on Michael.#1337 Media:
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    Download Link: [Hidden Content] Discord: [Hidden Content] HOW TO DOWNLOAD: Visit the download link provided above Join the discord link provided above password for the file is available in the exclusive downloads section of the discord Spam posts will be monitored ? [admin=Media][spoiler=media][/spoiler]
  21. 4 points
    SohanScape RSPS Source, Client & Launcher Download Link: [Hidden Content] oad
  22. 4 points
    DreamScape RSPS is a customs server with tons of models \ textures enjoy! Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  23. 4 points
    Releasing revenge because people have paid for it just to chargeback. I am done with the RSPS scene anyways. Enjoy! [Hidden Content] Media:
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    Due to people selling it and such, i'm releasing my server Vorkath, it's revison 184 as of right now. Features: - Custom Home - Ironman - Hardcore Ironman - Emulation Mode - Neitiznot Faceguard - Alchemical Hydra - Inferno - Chambers of Xeric - Runelite Client Media: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    This is an amazing OSRS 3D map editor. This one loads rev 155. [Hidden Content] R-S Thread: [Hidden Content] Enjoy Post your results below!
  26. 4 points
    This is the full konarPs version that Logan has been charging for and scamming people with. Full package link: [Hidden Content] Server Media: [Hidden Content]
  27. 3 points
    Fuzzy paragraph: Thank you to everyone who has played my server. You've literally paid for my college degree in Computer Science, and gave me a reason to continue the project as long as I have. 2 YEARS BABY! While I feel it is time for me to move on, and focus on the future; I hope someone can learn from my project, as I've learned from other releases. Ruse was attractive because it came with content out of the box. You can say the same thing about Necrotic's release now. I would honestly say there's a lot of shit code in this release (like most releases), but lets face it - you don't care. Thank you to the community of Rune-Server as well. You've served as a great resource of knowledge. Click here for media and info Download package
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    Download Link: [Hidden Content] Media:
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    here's my copy of eradication-x reborn [Hidden Content] you can find there website here: [Hidden Content] this copy is from oct. 2019
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    Ok so, idk if anyone needs this or not but here is a plugin for ruse rspsi map editor. Short story is the developer who was working on a project with us has taken donations and left the project. He has said he paid $30 for this. If not oh well here is a free map edit plugin for yall. Have fun. Server Plugin: Ruse Download Mega.nz Mediafire.com Virustotal
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    Sicyon 718 custom Rome edition V3 Details : Download link: Client, Server, Cache. [Hidden Content] [RSPS].zip?dl=1 Website: WordPress 5.X and up [Hidden Content]
  32. 3 points
    Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  33. 3 points
    Data/Revision : Running #178 Data and Read value's Base : Elvarg Based Update log from Emerald - Ava's assembler - Dragon hunter lance - Devout boots - Hydra slayer helmets + Turquoise Slayer helmets - Added remember username - Added hide username - Texture speed slowed down - All OSRS NPC definitions [Hidden Content] Credits to : Professor Oak for most of the Elvarg Base & anyone else working on it. Media
  34. 3 points
    No pictures, but this is a nice 100% kotlin framework I purchased. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Media Download Here Full package (source/client/cache) [Hidden Content] Package.rar?dl=0
  37. 3 points
    Media: Trump [Hidden Content] There is on the files (arcticps) ,discord system for ruse base you can copy it ! Download Here: full package: (source/client/cache)= [Hidden Content] Full Package.zip?dl=0 enjoy!
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    Hello Guys .... am Madlife / Noob$Developer$$/ 1000IQ Welcome to my 1st server release .. Reason for release is i got scammed from owner of RSPS .. even Files was mine ,, but that's oki so i decided to leak server Server have been released in 19/6/2020 pretty new .. and it is ready-host with everything Server Details 1)_ PVP in custom arena .. 2)_ Gamble system work perfect with interface of all gamble games 3)_ PVE with many and ton of custom NPCs and Items 4)_Multi room boss (4 rooms) and there are many thing ***Full package LINK >> [Hidden Content] ***YOUTUBE LINK >> BTW there is nations system too if anyone want it you can also PM me Nations details 1)_ there are 3 nations (fire-water-ice) 2)_each nation have 3 kind of rank (normal warrior - 2 King_assistant - King) 3)_ there are 3 kind of requirement for King qualifications (PVP (player vs player) - CP (class point) - IP (item power) system working perfect even with all points .. ***LINK >> [Hidden Content] ***YOUTUBE LINK >> PM me in discord Noob$Developer$$#6115 if you need help BTW message for all Developer ((Careful from noob owners and hosters -- they only look for money not your skills)) TY all and enjoy leak
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    Includes the standalone jar - No Discord authorisation (Meaning you don't need to link your discord in order to use it) Execute the jar file and load your cache. Download here: Click me
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    Whats Different? Helwyr is a 718 loading 839 server, which brings Pre-Eoc emulated content, a long with custom and creative content. We are potentially and hopefully see our self loading 866 data bringing our players GWD2 for those who would enjoy to see the new RS3 content. We strive to bring unique and custom content for our players to enjoy and share with others. Wanting to see what we are all about? Join Now! As some of you who are aware of the new and better revamp, You are aware of our World 2 opening rather soon. We will be working on a Login Server to help support World 1 {Economy} and World 2 {Spawn/Eco PK} which many people have asked for. Player files will not interact between worlds, and in fact will never be considering world 2 will be spawn eco. I have spent countless hours, working on a unique server, for those to enjoy something different. Notes: Grand Exchange: All items are buyable from grand exchange, except valuable and useful items. This brings it so players can contain the items that are never in other rsps shops, or rewards such as, (g), (t) and other nooby items that bring back good 'ol memories. Grand exchange has been one of my main focuses, considering its one of our biggest shop. I have been working to make sure there is little to no lag with it. (Thanks to Jamal) I could figure out why the grand exchange item search lag was. Click here to view the original image of 898x575px. Experience Rates: This is another main focus i've had issues with. Most people hate slow and constant xp rates. It makes the game feel like a major major grind. Which is what some desire, and what most do not desire. I have designed a custom and unique experience rates, The idea was given from Matrix 3. Which i have edited to my liking. Starting off you are prompt with increase experience rates until level 65. Upon reaching level 65, your experience rates are dropped by approx. 1/3. However, this does not remain constant. As you level up, your experience rate constantly increases. As playing with static xp rates, and dynamic. I discovered without even thinking upon this. The players mind set of the grind is totally thrown out of the window. As everything changes, which makes them wonder and WANT to grind. Note: For every player online, experience is increased by .006% this will seem rather slow but because of the small number, lets say there are 30 players online. That's approx an 18% experience increase. As experience may seem rather slow to others, fast for others. Those who feel like its slow and want faster, have given that chance to increase experience. I have developed random event systems, which are passively active. Each event can be displayed by doing ;;events while in-game. This will display active events. There are events such as, Skill Events, Minigame Events, Bossing Events, which some of these are still in adding of more content, as we are with default rs2 bosses. Each event has a different example: Dungeoneering - Skill Event: You receive increased experience, and tokens for the span life of the event, which is 25 minutes and takes approx 50-60 minutes to st Click here to view the original image of 898x513px. Click here to view the original image of 898x512px. Player Owned Bots: This is a design made by 'KShan' which i have edited, and redone to my liking. This is a main focus i WILL be focusing on as the server progresses. You can talk with the bot, and it responses with logical responses. You can demand him to do various actions, which more and more are being added as the time goes on. Some are rather limited as this is in its early stages. Players will be able to sell/buy bots from other players (Legendary Donators) some will given access for testing purposes. There will be some server bots, that will roam the server to bring in some economy. There are slight differences these have that players do not. Which is simply chat color for resizable. They actually gain levels, and they appear on highscores as a regular player, but do not have a better chance, as they level slower than an average player would level. Click here to view the original image of 898x497px. Emulation Feel: Frostbite is an all around type of server, which is a plain i have generated rather a few weeks go, since i feel like it would be the best type of server for players. As i have spoken earlier about this, Frostbite also offers the real emulation feel that a lot of players desire. I have implemented my work that I have done for 'Project Arrow - The past is never where you left it' as i had some a shit ton of work for that project. Approx 90%+ NPCS All around the F2P areas actually have the REAL runescape dialogue, and do what they are meant to do. We like to be unique, and different. #TheLittleThings Click here to view the original image of 800x468px. Click here to view the original image of 800x524px. Click here to view the original image of 765x504px. Click here to view the original image of 898x819px. Click here to view the original image of 898x384px. Click here to view the original image of 898x609px. Click here to view the original image of 898x408px. Click here to view the original image of 898x572px. Click here to view the original image of 898x449px. Jobs: This was a thing in Runescape that many people did not do for money, However. In frostbite i will make this worth doing, so people have a larger variety of options to do for money, some of these things will be 'aids' to do. Some may not be, But money is money and beggars cannot be choosy Click here to view the original image of 898x555px. Click here to view the original image of 898x463px. Click here to view the original image of 898x612px. About I have attempted to host this project rather a few times in my past, as most of you may remember. However, As the time went by of me not hosting, and realizing the things i have been doing wrong, have just been repeats. Whats different you may ask? Everyone has the mind set of 'RSPS' as being easy. Which is where i was in my wrong mind set, I was in the mind set of something having value, as i still do have this same mind set. My past servers have been rather 'too hard' for most, but too easy for people who were 'try hards'. I have been developing a brand new server, which has rather a huge mixture of Emulation, 'Runescape Private Server Feel', Custom content, and unique feel. Extra media: Click here to view the original image of 898x474px. Adding notifications when people leave/join the le citadel ;dFunctioning changing the time of day of citadel. ezpz Click here to view the original image of 898x348px. Click here to view the original image of 898x342px. Click here to view the original image of 898x473px. Click here to view the original image of 1918x1018px. Click here to view the original image of 1182x257px. Click here to view the original image of 1432x313px. Click here to view the original image of 1145x914px. Click here to view the original image of 765x583px. Click here to view the original image of 1498x666px. Download Helwyr ReUploaded by Madara. Drop a like if ya want.
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    Don't get mad at me for releasing this, ummm, don't know what to say, i don't need it, hope anyone that can't aford needs, it just releasing cuz someome released and quicky removed, kinda unfair for other poeple but look you got the editor if you help out runesuite by donating 10$ kinda better deal than paying 300$ am i right? Anyways Media: Virus total:[Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content]
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    An OSRS Emulation The tales of old school in high definition has been played with time and time again, with a few success stories behind the idea. Me and my partner Technotik have combined efforts in attempt to bring together another great server for us all to enjoy, which of course needed some full high definition features! Our engine is a highly updated hyperion with update server and cross world features, hyperion is a game server suite server which was aimed to provide an excellent, stable, quality base with advanced features. With these components and the complete updating for oldschool data, we feel this is a very competitive and elaborate game environment. What is the smite client protocol? The client is originally a 530 client which was converted by leanbow to use the 464 packet structure and read the 464 cache. Smite's team uses tools to overwrite the data of that cache with everything from inside the oldshool cache, which allows us to update our oldschool cache, then smite cache painlessly with a few clicks. We do not use any data other than oldschool. In a nut shell its an osrs replica with all added benfits of opengl. People can't ever keep things safe, I sold it off to cheap. Smite #170 is now a public repository. Project made by @Technotik and @trees [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    here yah go! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy. Mirrors are welcome.
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    Economy Skilling Bossing I am striving to maintain a stable economy as much as possible. members must obtain items through skilling, bossing, PVP or any other ways. I am taking a look in every skill. My goal is to make every skill enjoyable and trainable like it is in real Runescape. There will be a Skilling XP Rate of x45 and a Combat XP Rate of x100 I am striving to maintain a fun environment for players that are willing to PVM Therefore I am going to put much effort in writing combat scripts for NPC's. members will obtain boss points that can be used on shops. Credit to Swaghetti feather how to setup the server [Hidden Content] how to setup the client [Hidden Content] Download LinK [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    I'm just splurging. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Media: [Hidden Content] Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  50. 2 points
    All credits go to Corleone. You cannot download & host this fortunately as there are plenty of bugs, however, it is perfect for people who want to rip content from it and implement to their server. Package download: [Hidden Content] Base: Elvarg [SPOILER=Some Media] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=SUPPORT US] [Hidden Content]] [/SPOILER] [/CENTER]

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