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World Of Warcraft Classic: Good Places To Earn XP For High Level

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When Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic last August, it chopped the level cap to 60, which means that every level up requires players to complete more difficult tasks.

In WOW Classic, one reaching level 50, you are a high-level player to receive more valuable gear, but accordingly, it will become extremely difficult to upgrade one level or gain XP. Here is a guide to point out the places that high-level players can gain extra XP to level up in World of Warcraft Classic.

Scholomance Dungeon, this is the place where you should make more money and XP based on a real place that existed in medieval Europe. The players are required to run the dungeons several times for the awesome gear dropping from it, along with the Argent Dawn, a local faction, which is very beneficial for you to upgrade to a higher level.

Stratholme, it is the highest level dungeon you can run without going to Blackrock, and youâll obtain Argent Dawn rep, enchanting mats, and some badass endgame gear through running it, where you must encounter extremely difficult challenges, your return is always related to giving. This is also a good opportunity to exercise your characters.

Western Plaguelands, this is home to several significant factions, items and locations, which allows players above level 53 to meet Chromie of the Bronze Dragonflight and battle the Lich Araj, all is conducive to your upgrade.

Molten Core, when you are close to level 60, you could come to this place and find high-value WOW Classic items, such as the Cenarion Set for Druids and the Felheart Set for Warlocks. However, it has a very low rate of dropping gold and gear, if you want to get a lot,

Cheap WOW Classic Gold provided by WOWclasscigp.COM can ease your stress in the game, because World of Warcraft Classic is a game full of challenges and tasks, if there is no gold to exchange for more advanced equipment, you can hardly get enough XP to upgrade quickly.


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