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forum is good, but my complaints

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been looking for a forum that promotes osrs development better than the other well known forum does, just found this site but tbh needing 10 post count is arbitrary and pointless. people will just spam the 10 post count. i posted in 10 topics i would never usually post in just to get the post count. it just encourages spammy posts, not "activity".


lastly, liking and replying to a post just to get a link before i even know if i like the server or even know what to say, still promotes more spam. all you get is people saying something generic to post to get the link, not anything actually worthwhile. I don't want to spam like posts that i don't even actually like.

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I'm guessing it's so that it flags google letting them know they have a large amount of posters, so google thinks its a good site. (PS, as far as I've seen so far, it's trash. But I can't see very far because I have to post another 8 posts or something dumb.)

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Spaming will not be tolerated do not abuse the limited char system

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