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I am looking to sell 1 and only 1 copy of this game, has the potential to be a massive server if done correctly. I have spent a huge amount of time working on 

this base it has a huge amount of content, 178 map data packed and lots more I have given up with rsps so if you want this base drop me a pm.

+ Inferno released
+ Brand new edgeville.
+ Over 8 different wilderness events
+ Raids 2 Wilderness Events
+ Raids 1 Wilderness Events
+ Raids 1 Chambers Of Xeric
+ Wilderness bosses drop parts of the twisted bow
+ Active wilderness
+ Brandnew event chests.
+ Wilderness bosses, drop pvp crates and other crates with great loot.
+ Log-in and Pk instantly
+ Every single osrs wilderness boss with great loot.
+ Quick set-up interface for instant Pking
+ All OSRS items and every osrs boss.
+ Tournament system, the best Hybrid claims the BM reward and #1 Hybrid title
+ Blacklist a toxic player from attacking you at Edgeville
+ Wildernerss Bots to pk against as practice
+ Profile interface system, search other player's statistics
+ World events spawn every 2 hours to spice things up with bonus rewards
+ Highscores for pures, zerks, ranged tanks, mains
+ Achievements to unlock items and titles
+ Osrs items, bosses & maps
+ Welfare items are free, barrows and above cost blood money
+ Professional client with customization to any revision you would want
+ Many Wild bosses for the best money making methods
+ Pvp tasks, get kills as a pure/zerk/main and claim BM reward after completion
+ Target system
+ Every OSRS Boss pets & Skilling pets
+ Daily highscores, #1 spot claims 15k Bm reward, different highscores everyday
+ Skilling for skill capes, max capes & some relaxing money making
+ Daily lottery
+ Killstreak skulls
+ CS GO Mystery Boxes
+ F2p protection when F2p pking
+ Placeholders & all bank features
+ Killstreak skulls
+ Much more addictive content, join the grind now at Please login or register to see this link.

The Everlasting ,just released in deep wilderness level 47, this boss is a great powerful boss with 7 different attack styles, 
from mage to range , you will need to dodge some of those hits, he does have some great drops some of witch are best in game.

Barrel chest boss just released, this boss will have some extreme loot to gain, he is a multi boss and would be great for you to bring a team, 
he can smash through prayer and he can switch attacks from melee to mage and will drain your prayer remarkable fast.

Galvek from dragon slayer 2 just released, this boss will have some great loot to achieve, 
he is a really powerful boss, so get your pots and armour ready for the fight of your life. 

Brand new edgeville just released and many more updates.
Visit Please login or register to see this link. to Join now

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