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Tutus Frutus

Looking for a partner/team member(s)!

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Hello everyone, my name is Tutus Frutus and you might've noticed several posts of mine around the forums..
I was looking for what direction I truly wanted to go towards with an RSPS and I finally found my "spirit animal"...

317 loading Pre-Eoc.

For this passion I'm looking for an ambitious partner and/or 1-2 developers to work alongside me.
The aim is create not only an "oldschool" feel but also a friendly community where the server shapes around those who play it.

Current features:
Full God-Wars (Including Nex)
Dungeoneering (Limited floors but full Party system)
Tons of Minigames
Fully working Grand Exchange
Full summoning with familliars and scrolls
Full slayer + duo slayer with all dungeons and slayer masters
Full clan chat system
All bank features (including search and tabs etc.)
Plenty of bosses and hopefully a proper balancing between PvP/PvE (Eco Server) pre-release
Ofcourse there is way more, but this base should reel you in <3

Base = Ruse, but worked from one of the older/stable releases... not a recently released junk version.

If interested, hit me up on Discord: Tutus Frutus#2862

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