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got rsps? web designs for 40$ packages

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package 1 : 40$ we code highscores for most osrs rsps if you got rs3 a 80$ is needed

package 2 : 60$ we code highscores and we got a system if somebody gets 99 all users will receive a message in game

package 3: 200$ highscores, messages, ability to change name in highscores in case its needed for events or want to hide a name plus a voucher from us for 65$ for future purchases plus youll receive something called lootshare can be setup in events lets say you drop 50m 10 player receive 10m each. 7$ for this extra for those who want to setup instant. contact me once done. i accept paypal or bitcoins. trust a developer trust a new guider

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Best of luck with sales.

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