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Teleport names and adding descriptions

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Difficulty: 1/10
Tested on: Project Insanity
Classes modified: PlayerAssistant.java

Start off by opening your PlayerAssistant.java class. Then search for:

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You will notice a bunch of codes. So let me explain.

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What this code does is that it goes to the Client class, then get's the sendFrame method from the PlayerAssistant class, then sends a frame to the server to the assigned ID and changes it's text.

If you played the PI base, you'll notice that in the modern spellbook, they have a teleport called "Monster Teleport", right? The ID used here (1300) is the name of the Varrock teleport, so this code changes the normal "Level 20: Varrock Teleport" to the text you wish it to be, in this case "Monster Teleport".

So it's like this:

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It's not only limited to spells and teleports though. You could change the text of any interfaces using this code, as long as you know the correct ID.

Here is the full list of modern and ancients teleports, simply replace the old ones with these and edit edit them to the names and decription you want it to be:

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So now you know how to edit the texts on existing and new interfaces! Enjoy!

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