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Avalon - 317 OSRS Economy & Deadman Mode Worlds

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About Us
Avalon is a 317 based server with many of the latest OSRS data implemented. We have alot of unique and cool content that you might not find everywhere. We also offer 16+ bosses, 8+ minigames, Raids minigame, Zulrah, perfect Player killing system, and MUCH MORE. Our team members are dedicated, regardless of if they're part of development or the staff team. Our developers are experienced, and are dedicated to bringing you the best updates, uptime, and anything else that makes a community run. We are constantly updating our game to best suit what the players want. Whether it's Player vs. Monster, Player vs. Player, or skilling, we have it!
We are constantly focusing on what our community wants. Being as active as possible and caring about Avalon is a guarantee from the staff team that our players will notice.

World 1 (Economy)
Avalon world 1 is based on a osrs vanilla with a laid back fun game play with lots of content for your enjoyment.
We offer a Normal game mode with semi fast experience rates, Iron Man, Ultimate Iron Man & Extreme Iron Man which is x1 experience within all skills. You are totally free to do whatever you want on the server, could be PvMing, Skilling or Pking.

World 2 (DeadMan Mode)
This world is offline and under development, we have not set any dates for Open Beta yet.
Avalon world 2 is based on the DMM from osrs which a PvP oriented game mode release on osrs back in 2015. You will be choosen between 5 different locations to start off on when you first login on your account to progress your experiences and gathering supplies around the deadman zones. The only places where you will be safe is in some towns and banks. When you kill your opponent you will only get what is on their equipment and everything in their inventory (protecting items in anyway won't work). You choose your path on this deadly world, you either kill or get killed.

(credits - nighel.)

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looks good man

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