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Sorry no time to add media for the update, just check it out in-game guys!

Update log 11/23/2017:

::train command teles you to luigis again.

bank pet is now 250k ruthless points

bullets were added for each gun, you can only use the guns bullets with the correct gun ex. ak47 bullets can only be used with the ak47, if you try to use them with any other gun it will not work.

bullet boxes have been added to the buy customs & donation store

1k runes box added to the runes store (opening one of these boxes gives you 1k of each rune there is).

all bullets have been added to the ammunation & zombie store

donations store is currently half off for a thanksgiving sale this will end on 12/1/2017.

all npcs now drops more coins and some bucks.

fixed some broken links

fixed iron man mode not being able to pick up items.

customizable cape added to the buy customs store for 12.5t. also this cape was buffed and is now a bit better than the bloodshot wings.

cash mystery box added to the donation points store

announcements added

double exp enabled until sunday!

1 ruthless buck added to ironman start kit.

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Bump, play for free today!

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Bump, HUGE update coming in tomorrow. Be sure to jump on so you don't miss it!

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Some of what's to come in tomorrows update:


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We released a HUGE UPDATE on 12/14/2017 the update log is below but be sure to hop on and type ::1mhp in-game to go to the new gemstone god boss!

Play now: Please login or register to see this link.

- added 1k death runes to the rune box as i seemed to forgot to add it previously.

- fixed small bug with magma baxe.

- did a quick fix for a bug that occured when changing your password while having a bank pin set.

- fixed Teleport to Ape Atoll achievment, you can now use the banana from the theiving stall to teleport here, be sure to go steal one again to ensure you have the right banana as before it was was a different one (they look exactly the same).

- You can no longer use the ancient teleport to teleport into the wildy
with customs on.

- fixed Kill 500 bosses achievment

- adjusted drop rates & combat stats on all npcs, they should be much more balanced now.

- fixed drop rate increase when having max total level

- fixed achivement bug (reward now automatically goes into your money pouch).

- donor drop rates increased! 10% donor, 15% deluxe donor, 20% elite donor, 30% sponsor, 40% super sponsor.

- flower poker 4 pair and 5 pair both now work, also items will no longer get stuck in the gambling interface.

- fixed bug where sponsor was not draining prayer.

- fixed the smuggling of custom items into the wild. (if you manage to get custom items into the wild, it will not let you attack anyone. However it will let them attack and kill you so I would suggest not smuggling any in).

- fixed rainbow whips animation (it was using a bow animation, now uses whips as should).

- Added gambling logs.

- prayer now drains slower the better prayer bonus you have.

- fixed sell x amount and sell all options with-in the stores.

- drop announcer now announces uncommon 1:20, rare 1:50, ultra rare 1:100, & legendary 1:150

- moved bs torva boss out of wilderness.

- Air whip is now a donation only item for 350 donation points.

- recolored text in store interface to make finding select stores easier.

- donor, deluxe, & sponsor claimable items added back to the donation store.

- the bank will now tell you the right amount of items stored with-in it.

- Ice & morune bars are now able to be made.

- The achivements to do with runecrafting should now get the correct progress on the amount of runes made.

- Zombie mini-game should now have endless waves & should not bug out.

- Magic no longer hits multiples while you are wielding a melee weapon that does.

- other players should be able to see what you morph into while using the ring of morphing & other players around you should not morph into whatever npc you are morphed into.

- Cryptic gloves added to the donation & buy customs stores.

- Ironmen are now aloud to gamble, we are going to allow this feature to our iron man players.

- Gemstone god completed!

- Balanced stats on items.

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Here's the update that we'll be dropping later on today! Click here to play instantly: Please login or register to see this link.

- cash mbox revamped

- pet mbox revamped, also added the gemstone pet to it as a legendary loot.

- New custom map has been added for the american torva zone

- revamped torva mboxes

- mkey chest will no longer announce any loots.

- camo, winter, & bloodshot mini bosses hp is the same as their full boss's hp.

- announcement speeds adjusted, should now go off at a much smoother rate.

- removed the announcement that you get when you max a skill.

- event reminder removed (event has ended)

- added drop list when examining gemstone boss

- stats when examining gemstone pet are now accurate.

- fixed some items that were being allowed into wild.

- fixed the issue few were having with not being able to click correctly.

- all rank icons in the staff tab should now display correctly

- all rank icons in the clan chat should now display correctly

- players online should now display the correct rank icon (the left side shows correctly however right side by where it says ranks does not show some rank icons correctly

- updated advertising security on server

- ring of riches added to the voting store for 50 points & to the donation store for ($5) 50 points. The ring of riches gives a 5% drop rate increase.



- dragunov added to the slayer points store for 2500 points.

- megaman now has no walls surrounding him, removed command to get to megaman you can just use ::pointzone now.

- added megaman to the list of tasks the medium slayer master will give you.

- coin bag added, picks up coins automatically after killing an npc (if there is any in the loot) when having it in your inventory. this item has been added to the voting point store for 50 points.

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Not one for custom but good luck.

Interfaces look really dope! 🤙🏻

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There has been way to many people hosting this without any work put into it since it got Release. But good luck!

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