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Protect Yourself From Malicious RuneScape Private Servers



It is no secret in today's RSPS scene there is A lot of malicious activity going on with rats and browser password stealers learn how to protect yourself in this article.
So you've downloaded an RSPS but you don't know if you should trust it? don't worry we have all been there. Here is how they are stealing all your info and infecting your computers.

Chrome\Browser Password Stealers
When you run a server's client_name.jar or client_name.exe file they can execute code that steals and uploads all the saved passwords \ autofill data you have stored on your browser to their server, This is the most used technique to steal RuneScape accounts and anything else of value.

Like password stealers, Rats can be executed when running a server-client but this is much more severe and is classified as a virus that can infect your computer, The server\person who has infected your computer can do very nasty things like delete your windows software, turn on your webcam, see anything you type and of course hack anything stored on your computer as they have full access to your computer when turned on and connected to the internet.

Most Rats will be detected by your AntiVirus Software but hackers are always finding ways to bypass AntiVirus detection and their virus becomes what is called "FUD" fully undetectable.

How to stay safe 100% of the time
Since having only an anti-virus installed isn't enough to keep you secure from malicious hackers these days, here are tools that will keep you equipped against them.

Unlike google chrome Last Pass (which is a browser extension) stores your passwords in a secure environment that only you will have access to, even if a password stealer is executed they will not gain any passwords or info if all your passwords are stored on Last Pass.

Once you've made an account with Last Pass you are given the option to upload all your saved chrome passwords so you don't have to waste time entering all your passwords\websites.

How it looks:

Once you click fill, your username and password will be entered for you to login! oh, and did I mention it is FREE!

Brave Browser
Brave Browser is an open-source browser built off of Google Chrome (Chromium web browser) programmed to be more secure than Google Chrome It blocks ads and website trackers automatically!

When you open the browser for the first time you are given the option to import all your data\extensions from google chrome right into brave so you feel like home right away.

Also, a bonus is their rewards system! Get paid just for browsing the web! here's how it looks when you open it up:


Yes, we said very skillful hackers can bypass detection but Anti-Virus software are still a must and will block most viruses, viruses are only one thing you need to worry about when it comes to protecting your pc because there are many more malicious ways people can harm your computer. 

Malwarebytes provides a plethora of protection against various things here is an example image directly from the website of MalwareBytes:

For me, I've tried many Anti-Virus programs like Kaspersky, Norton, Avast, and many more but Malwarebytes has never let me down and they update their database often to keep you up to date and secure.

"Sandboxie creates an isolated operating environment in which applications can be run or installed without permanently modifying the local system. This virtual environment allows for controlled testing of untrusted programs"

In other words, you can play any RSPS with an extra layer of protection if you have Sandboxie installed. When installed right-click on the client file you are about to run then click run with Sandboxie, Sandboxie will run it in its own environment and if anything suspicious happens you can terminate all programs running with Sandboxie

Quick tutorial:
Once installed right-click on the file and press run sandboxed


This window will pop up make sure it's being run inside the default box and press ok:

Pressing ok will run the client and open a secondary window which display's what is being run \ executed, here is what it should look like:
if you hover over the top of the client and it turns yellow this means you have successfully run it through Sandboxie. if there is anything other than what is currently being displayed on the left of the picture in the Sandboxie window like runtime.exe, Then you are most likely running a malicious client. Head over to the Sandboxie icon right click it and press terminate all programs like so:

Then head over to defaultbox on top of terminate all programs and press delete contents

You have just saved yourself from being infected with a virus :)

We hope you have learned something reading this article and if we have missed something please make sure to let us know on the RuneSuite website or Discord


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