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  2. Krator is an apocalyptic version of Gielnor where evil and chaos has taken over. Throughout your adventure, you will notice the maps are a little spookier than before, and thus, breathing life into the content that surrounds it. The world is almost entirely PvP. There is no order, just mass chaos. While it does offer a select few safe-havens, they are few and far between. Additionally, we try to put a little spin on our content offerings. This isn't your average click-a-stall and gain wealth. If you want to take the life of the other adventurers around you, you'll have to grind the same as everyone else. No free rides here! What are you waiting for? Click below, we're dying to see you in game! DM ME FOR DISCORD INFO!
  3. Trunks

    liquidx custom rsps&marvel raids

    Much love
  4. Macca187

    AldorPS Released

  5. Yesterday
  6. MMO

    OSPK Release osrs

    “over 150 bug fixes” Still not yours to use, I’ve personally talked to MGT, he’s never gave ANYONE permission to use / sell / release his source. All that is changed here is some client modifications (which is horrible btw, fucking windows 8/10 loading? lmao) and I believe new edgeville map / home. Nothing special, the combat is still shit, there are still a lot of bugs, as well as a memory L E A K (lag is insane). Some other little shit head used this and hosted on a 8 GB VPS and still lagged with download and upload speeds of 150MB+. Overall, Dawntained has some “nice” features to be ripped, the source is still trashed imo. Good luck to whoever uses this, you’re gonna need it.
  7. Mantvis

    OSPK Release osrs

    Missing the cache buddy
  8. aksiyon


  9. aksiyon


  10. aksiyon


    Hi givvme 20 post
  11. Last week
  12. ONLINE - come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
  13. shane

    OSPK Release osrs

    Looks cool ty gonna try
  14. Sky o.o

    Arrav - Leaked

    lets see lets see
  15. Master534

    OSPK Release osrs

    Nice release 👍
  16. ggggg

    Ikov (arrav) - Release

    Forced reply thing sucks tbh
  17. ranyziyan

    OSRS Map Editor

  18. buttfat

    VernoxHD - Released

    need the client from this post ty.
  19. Kairon

    OSPK Release osrs

    Decent, based off DT i believe.
  21. manga

    OSPK Release osrs

    Lez see
  22. soulflare

    liquidx custom rsps&marvel raids

    does anyone know how to fix the cannot load gameserver when you run the source in eclipse? ps client runs fine just the source wont boot up cause of the no gameserver
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